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    thanks elonesna

    but I don't think this is for the same purpose as my intention was (or I misunderstood your words, sorry in that case)

    so my intention is to share my PC screen (or e.g. android youtube) to my TV. but my TV does not have any features like this so I would like to share these computer screens with Kodi (as it is connected to the TV via HDMI)


    is there any solution that my Raspberry driven Kodi would be visible in the network as a cast service?

    I enabled all DLNA options in Kodi, the network is one common for all my laptops/android phones, meaning no AP isolation problems, either the laptop is hard wired to the same router than the Raspberry, but unfortunately if I start to cast "no device found" seen on all my equipments and not a single bit is arriving towards Kodi.


    thanks Jocke! however as I do ot need soo many functions, nor storing any media on that (but rather using the NAS), so I think of having a big USB stick would also be a good solution is case?


    I could not find any info about the minimum storage requirement of the SD card to be able to run the Libreelec+Kodi on a Pi4. can you please help on that?

    also what about the internal memory requirements? there are 2-4-8 GB Pi4 models on the market, just to not buy unnecessary and unusable hardware.

    (media files are on a NAS, so I would not use this as a storage, just the system needs to work)