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    Hello. My YouTube add-on takes too much time to load a video. About 30 seconds - 1 minute to start playing any video. Once it begins goes fine, but when video ends it takes another minute to load next video.

    Is this operation normal? How can I make it work faster?

    I'm running latest libreelec matrix and latest update of the add-on.

    Tried downgrading to 9.0.2 version and boot is normal in that version. But when upgrade back to 9.2.4 or 9.2.6 have the same problem again in every boot.

    Yes, you were right. Renaming .kodi folder system boots fine... but I lose all my configuration. And it took me too much hours! Is there any other way that I could find which element is interfering in every restart? I can not conceive of configuring everything from scscratch


    Sorry, our crystal ball couldn't tell what type of hardware device you are using.

    Heheh, sorry, thought it was an only software question. I have an Asrock motherboard with Intel j1900, 4gb ram and 1tb HDD.

    And I'm running libreelec 9.2.6 generic x86_64

    Hello. I recently updated from libreelec 8 to the latest version 9.2.6. But I think that booting times are too much longer than previous version. Everytime system boots up this logs shows on screen:

    Is this normal operation? Is there something I can do to optimize booting times?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi there!

    Someone knows if exists an add-on to use an smartphone like a mouse? I know apps like "remote mouse" that needs a server that runs under Windows or Linux, but not with libreelec.

    Yatse and other remotes are greats apps but don't have mouse control.

    I need something to control Chromium add-on because everytime I open it i need to plug a mouse to take control of it.


    Hi there! I have the same problem here. I think I was the only one, but it looks a bug from kodi leia. I found that if I change the resolution to the same resolution as the video file the playback is fine. For example, if you are playing a video in 720*338 (or something like that) you can try to configure a 720*480 output.

    But what a mess changing resolution everytime I play a video! so i downgraded to kodi krypton. Everything works fine there.

    I'll pay attention to this thread so can update to Leia soon!

    Hola! Antes de nada disculpa por no hablar en inglés, he visto en otro foro q hablas español, espero no incumplir ninguna norma.

    Es una pena que el addon original este abandonado. He instalado el repo y desde ahí el retroarch... pero como se configura? No se abre a pantalla completa, viene sin ningún core activado y tiene muchísimos parámetros de configuración. Trasteando he conseguido cargar una ROM de snes, pero me ha costado lo suyo. Luego tb he instalado emulationstation. Me reconoce bien las roms pero no me abre ninguna, imagino que es algo que debo configurar en retroarch...

    A todo esto uso un htpc con libreelec y arquitectura 64 bits. La última versión del addon (creo que fue la 2.9) me valdría para configurar retroarch, ES... Etc.?