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    a workaround could be using tubecast addon. In that case you just need to install youtube addon together with tubecast. API keys etc are not necessary so you will never have problems with them.

    HiassofT thank you very much, it's working!

    As ycbcr was disabled in my custom edid file, I got RGB output.

    But despite if x86 hdmi output becomes full RGB, with rockchip it's limited.

    This is another question, how to get full hdmi range on rockchip with LE

    Sad that brightness/contrast controls unavaliable with HW decoder. It might help to workaround range problem

    HiassofT - thank you!

    I've run create-edid-cpio , it created edid.cpio with folowing structure,





    it seems, edid.bin is not present there. How can I move my file edid.bin inside edid.cpio in windows? Sorry not linux user, pretty hard to figure out

    I already have Edid.bin file, I've created it on X86 Libreelec. And it's working there

    Now I'm trying to use it with Rockchip LE, TV is the same, so I guess it should work.

    edid.cpio file that has edid.bin inside of it is copied to flash, and text added to extlinux.conf (as I mentioned in 1st post)

    But I getting error "Failed to execute /init" (screenshot is on 1st post)

    Any help would be appreciated

    The reason (at least one of them) why I need custom edid, I've disabled ycbcr support in that file, In x86 LE it causes to swith to RGB, so I expect the same with rockchip LE.

    Hi, I'm trying to use custom edid with this guide . edid.cpio is copied to /flash and

    initrd=/edid.cpio drm.edid_firmware=edid/edid.bin video=HDMI-A-1:D

    added to extlinux.conf

    but I'm getting folowing error

    If I add the same text and use the same edid.cpio file with x86 AMD libreelec, it's working, Wondering how to get it working with rockchip

    Tried both LE10, 11 . My box is Hugsun X99 RK3399

    thanks in advance

    Please, I can't access to this link…m-xorg-conf#color-space-1

    Another site with this guide? Thanks

    here'a similar guide.

    Also I've attached edid.cpio file. With this file is not necessary to follow full guide, just copy that file to /flash/ and also add

    initrd=/edid.cpio drm.edid_firmware=edid/edid.bin video=HDMI-A-1:D

    to extlinux.conf

    that's it. Very simple

    I've tried to use custom edid file with disabled ycbcr to switch to full rgb.

    Could someone confirm that this will be solution in LE11 ? Should I try it?

    I've tried it using this guide but without success yet, on last step, after adding

    initrd=/edid.cpio drm.edid_firmware=edid/edid.bin video=HDMI-A-1:D

    to extlinux.conf

    device doesn't boot showing multiple errors. I'm not linux user, hard to understand what's wrong, so don't know should I even try it?

    hello, Ive question,

    Allwinner H6 (beelink gs1)

    is there a way to force full rgb (0..255), and chroma 4:4:4 ?

    Picture is not enough saturated, and black levels is not too good, so i guess, it ouputs limited rgb, and also, likely, chroma 4:2:2 or 4:2:0

    is there a way to manually force full rgb and full chroma 4:4:4

    thanks in advance


    If I have LE box(arm) and RaspberryPi4 with Volumio, is it possible to stream sound from LE to Volumio using snapcast? This addon avaliable for both of them.

    I've installed snapcast to both devices, but don't know what to do next, could someone help?

    no cast from kodi(. Also need it.

    But if you need to cast to kodi from phone, try Tubecast addon, hovewer it works just for youtube. Also it's possible using dlna instead, webvideo cast app for android for example. If someone knows better or more handy apps for android for dlna streaming pls let me know.

    Also for root devices there's AirAudio app, works just for sound

    Beelink GS1 (allwinner H6)

    tested recent libreelec. Seems working fine, even lan is working now.

    But bug with sound is still present. Sound is interrupting for a moment every second for 264 videos. No bug for 265 videos. Don't know how is possible that video codec affect sound.

    Any help appreciated

    As you know Libreelec is an Small os for Kodi. Remote configuration only works with kodi. If we close kodi and run any program like Chrome, remote controller may don't work. You can play lirc / irw to reconfigure keyboard for work globally. I have nothing to do with your remote. You can use cheap wireless mouse / keypad like

    I have several usb remote controls, and have the same problems with all of them. This is one of RC i'm using 1150107397_w437_h473_pult-mx3-air.jpg

    I'm not fmiliar with linux, lirc is for infrared RC i guess? pls let me know if there's a simple way to configure usb RC

    it's working now, great!

    hovewer there are some problems,

    some remote control buttons are not working as expected, volume controls are ignored, back button ignored when you're on main screen, also there's no way to close addon... don't know if possible to map RC buttons to add-on, keymap editor addon from kodi doesn't help here