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    As you know Libreelec is an Small os for Kodi. Remote configuration only works with kodi. If we close kodi and run any program like Chrome, remote controller may don't work. You can play lirc / irw to reconfigure keyboard for work globally. I have nothing to do with your remote. You can use cheap wireless mouse / keypad like

    I have several usb remote controls, and have the same problems with all of them. This is one of RC i'm using 1150107397_w437_h473_pult-mx3-air.jpg

    I'm not fmiliar with linux, lirc is for infrared RC i guess? pls let me know if there's a simple way to configure usb RC

    it's working now, great!

    hovewer there are some problems,

    some remote control buttons are not working as expected, volume controls are ignored, back button ignored when you're on main screen, also there's no way to close addon... don't know if possible to map RC buttons to add-on, keymap editor addon from kodi doesn't help here

    Hi balbes150, sorry for asking dumb question, but are your images only for those who have modified u-boot files? Pls confirm... If i don't have them.. no chance to use your builds?

    I have 2 boxes, no luck to boot LE with both of them, trying to understand why.

    1. RK3328 Z28 - error message - installation is broken, don't touch syslinux.cfg - but i didn't touch it

    2. Beelink gs1 (allwinner H6) - just hangs up on boot with black screen

    in both cases correct dtb was set

    thanks for ansver, if it's not possible, I have to change my question.

    Is there a way always to keep 1080p resolution in libreelec when no video is playing ? And once any video is played, resolution has to switch to 4k. I've tried to set 1080p in kodi and all white list to 4k - no success, autoframerate is not working in that case.


    the reason why I need it - TV adds some uwanted processing when it handles upscaling to 4k itself, it looks like edge sharpen, it doesnt really looks good for those who wants best quality, I have samsung, but Im sure all tv's adds a lot of post processing for non native resolutions. That's not good when you're watching perfect 1080p remux for example. It's better if kodi or videodriver handles upscaling itself so you can be sure no processing is added

    thank you

    sorry for my english

    Is there a way to resize UI? It's really small with 4k resolution, so it's almost impossible to use chrome. I mean size of address bar, tabs etc. Built-in scale affects just websites, not browser's UI.

    Ive tried to install several chrome addons supposed for scale, but all of them affect just websites content

    One of them specifically tested LibreELEC-H6.arm-9.80-nightly-20190817-6d67cfc-beelink-gs1.img and reportedly it works fine.

    thanks for info, this version was not avaliable yesterday, so I've just tried to flash it.


    And got the same, black screen if reset is not pressed. TV shows that it's in [email protected] mode. No signal if reset is pressed. To make sure it's not resolution related problem, Ive also connected the box to 1080p pc monitor. Nothing changed