Best Hardware for Kodi

  • Hello,

    i've now a Cubox-TV (1GB RAM, i.MX6) but the performance (bad IR and not smoothly video palyback, the 1 Gbit/s Interface is limited to 470mbit/s) is not the best.

    I want to buy a new Device!

    I'm using it to watch Full HD files with different Hz, sometimes 50Hz, 60Hz, 24Hz. 3D files as well - HOU and HSBS. Audio Passthrough via HDMI DD 5.1 and DTS !!
    IR is Logitech Harmony Touch. CEC is optional
    The files are stored on a NAS with 1 Gbit/s ethernet interface!!! So the Box should have 1 Gbit/s ethernet interface
    I've an Amazon Prime Account, so it would be good if the Box is compatible to Amazon Prime!

    Nvidia Shield is too expensive for me. I've tried the AppleTV 4 at a friends place with the app infuse 4 Verbindung zum iTunes Store wird hergestellt. that worked pretty good but i don't know if its working with 3D Content and it's expensiv as well!! I could install Kodi on the ATV 4 too but i didn't test it so far (for 3D use)!

    What's your suggestions?? It's important that the box is not laggy while using the remote control and the video playback should be perfectly smooth (also on 3D) and audio is digital passthrough!!

    Thanks for any ideas and suggestions!!!

  • Thx for your answer, the cheapest NUC is about 140€ without RAM and harddisk and i think i would need an external IR adapter or is IR already integrated?? Does it work with Audio passthrough over HDMI ?

    I've an Shuttle XPC at home as well which a could use as HTPC, do you know if it works with librelec ? I've an IR USB-Adapter at home so i could test it if the adapter is compatible to libreelec or i can use a flirc adapter!!


  • Is google not working for you? :) Mine has integrated IR and I believe most (all?) recent Intel CPU's support HD audio passthrough. As for your Shuttle, why don't you boot a USB stick with LE on it and find out?

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  • this is the IR adapter that i have and it works with logitech harmony touch:
    Hama MCE Remote Control PC-Fernbedienung: Computer & Zubehör

    Is google not working for you? :) Mine has integrated IR and I believe most (all?) recent Intel CPU's support HD audio passthrough. As for your Shuttle, why don't you boot a USB stick with LE on it and find out?

    thx :) haha google is blocked at my country ... no i'm just kidding!
    i just created an USB-Stick with the latest LE and i will test it later!!

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  • just installed librelec on my shuttle xpc and connected the hama universal ir adapter and it works like a charm !!!

    no lags no skipping frames no slow ir - just perfect!!!


  • I researched this same thing last year. At the time the best ratio for price against power resulted with the Matricom G-Box Q2 coming out on top. It had superior computing power and a relatively low price. It's only downside was the god awful software it had preinstalled. Once I blew its brains out and got a Linux OS in there it turned out to be one of the best no fuss, all in one boxes that I'v used.

    - 2GHz Quad Core Amlogic S812.
    - 2GB DDR3
    - Mali 450 Octo Core 3D GPU
    - 16GB Flash Storage
    - Dual Band Wifi, 10/100 Full Duplex Ethernet
    - Bluetooth V4
    - 2x USB 2.0, SSD Card Slot

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  • In my opinion: Rpi 2

    That's an odd comment considering even an overclocked RPi 3 is not powerful enough to render the GUI at normal speed, and the ethernet connection is 10/100. No browser addon either so no amazon prime (i think). It is definitely not the "best hardware for Kodi" and doesn't fulfill any of the criterias in the OP.

    As a cheaper alternative to the NUC, I can recommend the Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus. There are some minor issues with Cherry Trail, but at this point it's quite stable and works well.

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  • The limit with all the Pi's is not so much the processing power which seems adequate (even a pi zero can play HD content well), no the issue with the pi is the lack of onboard memory which means there is always going to a lag when switching between tasks. This is especially noticeable when loading an EPG from a PVR. Also navigating around the GUI can be laggy but not such an issue on the 2 & 3. If you can live with this then I recommend the Pi 2 or 3 for LibreElec duty.

    An intel based box is always going to beat a Arm approach. My main box is an ancient single core 64bit Fujitsu and it serves as the NAS and the PVR backend as well as the main room Kodi box with very little difficulty.


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  • Hallo Leute, ich bin ganz neu hier und traue mir nicht so richtig was zu fragen.

    Ich werde aber trotzdem probieren weil ich mit meinem Problem schon seid ein paar Wochen einfach nicht weiter komme.

    Ich habe an meinem ZOTAC Libreelec mit Kodi 18.5 laufen. An diesem Gerät ist über USB einen Infrarot Empfänger angeschlossenen.

    Meine Fernbedienung ist Logitech Harmony ONE. Konfiguriert auf ZOTAC.

    Mit Version Kodi 17.6 Krypton hat die Fernbedienung super funktioniert. Leider mit der neuen Version Kodi 18.5 nicht mehr.

    Die neue Version findet einfach den Treiber nicht.

    Kann ich da was dagegen unternehmen oder muss ich das ganze nur mit Handy steuern? Das geht. Möchte aber gerne weiter meine Fernbedienung nutzen.

    Bitte um Hilfe

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    ich bin ganz neu hier und traue mir nicht so richtig was zu fragen.

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  • For me the SBC Odroid-N2 is the favourite.

    NanoPC-T4 with LibreELEC, EMBY and TVHeadend Client, 9.2.0
    Odroid-N2 with CoreELEC, EMBY and TVHeadend Client, 9.2.1

    NAS with EMBY Server, TVHeadend Server