[8.0.2e] LibreELEC 8.0 for S905/S905X

  • kszaq, maybe your building server is on now ? :-) would be very nice to test your latest build with all changes/updates and included dvb tuner for play 2 .
    Best regards

  • afl using your build on 1GB/8GB Mini MX I'm getting no sound and the output device is Bluetooth audio (PULSEAUDIO)?

    Nevermind I just read its not compatible with the dtb.

  • OP updated with new build. A few improvements, including fixed PVR addons and smoother GUI. :)

    WP2 build is available in subfolder - it's experimental because I don't have that box.

  • Thanks for the new build.

    Are there any known changes to lirc? I'm using an external mce receiver which worked flawlessly with the 2016-11-09 build, getting correct output with irw. But since the 2016-12-01 build I have no irw output. In Kodi there are double and triple key presses and the OK button is broken.

    All are clean installs with my lircd.conf at /storage/.config. When booting the 2016-11-09 build all is fine, booting 2016-12-01 or 2016-12-04 lirc is acting weird.

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  • OP updated with new build. A few improvements, including fixed PVR addons and smoother GUI.

    kszaq Official ANT 1 Addon (Lambda) from Kodi REPO choosing Live from the menu is giving me some strange behaviour in that it opens the stream 1 out of 8 attempts. When it doesn't open there seems to be an issue that the stream has opened but the screen stays on the menu. There are no GUI sounds when using remote until i stop the stream.
    I turned OFF accelerate H264 (never) and the streams open normally.
    See screenshot of settings which work. It is the same with other addons in Lambdas greek addons for live.
    I thought this may help identify what is going on using this addon.

    Test box MiniMX 1gb/8gb S905.
    Sharp Aquos Quatron 70 inch tv
    Box to HDMI simple set up.

  • kszaq i tried your first 32bit userspace build.

    Great improvement on memory management.
    Definately the right track as far as i am concerned!

    What i do notice regarding live-tv is, that Kodi will occasionally freeze/crash after switching channels.
    This is with hardware acc. disabled as hw acceleration for mpeg-2 with the new videoplayer is a WIP too, i guess ;-)

    Thanks for the 7.9 releases, they are getting better and better!

    'You're like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know -..' ~ Walter Sobchak (The Big Lebowski)

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