PI4 and 3D mvc not working

  • 3D MVC on build 9.2.8 behaves just like 9.2.6.

    Display is okay but sometimes there are difficulties with misaligned .sup subtitles which looks like an old misbehaviour of some Kodi versions.

    In the past I've used an RPI2B but I wanted something beefier so I got the RPI3B+ because the RPI4 doesn't do 3D MVC (yet).

  • Any update on the Pi4? Wanted to watch a 3D Movie after quite a long time and just realized that the upgrade from the pi3+ to the 4 might have been a mistake ^^

  • It's up to the Raspberry devs to update/implement 3D stuff

    Do you mean some underlying stuff is up to the Raspberry Pi folks?

    I ask because if it were simply up to them why would anyone need LibreElec? Throw Kodi on a PiOS install and 3D away!!

  • Technically this could be implemented by anyone. All relevant code is open source.

    But the number of people who are willing and able is small.