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    noggin the RPi4 SoC is basically an RPi3B+ with faster clock speed and an extra IP block for 4K HEVC, so 3D works on RPi4 under the older LE9.2 codebase as nothing really changed, but support needs to be reworked for the newer GBM/V4L2 pipeline.

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but.....are you saying that if I download this:

    And load it on a Pi4 it will play 3D-MVC? I realize it would be an older build, but I ONLY use this for playing 3D.

    I just downloaded the RPi3 version to put in a temp 3D player when I saw that comment.

    Still would have been nice to be able to play my 3D Videos on the pi4.

    Agreed. Right now I use a Vero-4K+ for my main TV to play both 4K and 3D-MVC. It would be nice to be able to use a Pi4....since I have several of connect to my other TV's.

    For commercial streaming services I still rely on my Roku, Shield and other streaming devices because of all the encryption limitations.

    I’m in the same situation. I run a 3B for no reason other than 3D-MVC. I did buy a Vero4K+ But I still have three 3-D TVs. I’m not buying three of them.

    The ideal solution would be for someone to convince Nvidia to create 3D-MVC drivers for the shield…….;)


    Simply no... SBS 3D videos play normally on any software player I've tried, they simply consist of two both frames side-by-side ... any mplayer/VLC/SMplayer plays them fine - apparently with no "driver" the projector does the decoding/alternating of the frames.

    None of those players bother to have 3D menus or 3D subtitle support. - which is still working for nice video playback.
    Here we have a perfectly fine SBS menu, subtitles in 3D , but instead of displaying both frames inside the picture, like those players do .. it seems we somehow crop the output to one single frame.

    You would think this is true, but I have had TAB files and to a lesser extent SBS files that will play, but not properly on any of the three 3DTV's I own including one projector even though I could play the file on my PC and they appear to be "normal". Could be anectodal, but I don't know if your statement is 100% correct.

    Regardless, SBS/TAB is only half resolution. I'm not goign to get into all the reasons for that, but the info is out there if you want it and didn't know this already.

    MVC is the only way to consume this media in 3D without losing any quality. The half-res stuff may be "good enough" for many use cases or preferences, but it's not the real deal.

    ISO support is FAR less critical to me as I rip all my media for playing in Plex primarily. I only use Kodi-based players for 3D-MVC. The Vero4K+ is the only open-source player that will play virtually any format up to the last couple years. I don't think it handles DolbyVision, but Atmos, 4K, 3D-MVC problem. If you use any streaming services like NetFlix, Prime etc it doesn't handle those without hacking so it won't replace my Roku or Shields fully at this point. Being able to run this on a Pi4 would be a step forward since it can handle HD audio, 4K etc.

    3D-MVC is the ONLY thing I use any Kodi-based players for.

    For anything else I use a brand-named device like a Shield, Roku etc. No fiddling and they just you can get the commercial services on it, unlike Kodi......mostly.

    Both those links in your post work fine for me

    Yes, I don't understand what happened. I could download any other versions fine in FireFox. I was able to download even that 9.2.5 release on my phone to iCloud without issue. I couldn't do it on my desktop last night.

    This morning it works fine though. Sorry for any false alarms. I have no idea what was going on.

    I haven't heard anything new about this, but 3D-MVC support was announced when the Pi4 was released:

    LibreELEC (Leia) 9.1.001 ALPHA with Raspberry Pi 4B Support – LibreELEC

    PI4 and 3D mvc not working

    Since then I have seen threads here and other places where the delay was about the new Linux core, video drivers etc.

    Today I see a new comment on an old thread basically saying that it won't happen:

    PI4 and 3D mvc not working

    I am NOT complaining about the delay. I appreciate what I get! I would just like to see an "official" answer as to whether this is still on the roadmap for the Pi4.

    I know the Pi3 build works fine, but it can't handle 4K and HD audio so LE for the Pi4 is the closest thing to a "play everything" player with the possible exception of the Vero-4K+. I bought one of those in the last couple weeks. It's a nice box, but no, it can't play 3D-MVC at this point. There is a buggy, older build of OSMC that theoretically will play 3D-MVC, but it didn't work well for me. It's a work in progress as well.

    I'd just like to know if LibreELEC is still the king of the 3D hill!


    The thing is that LE is a free project based on KODI and 3D has become less and less important. So when you are able to develop 3D yourself on LE participate in the project, otherwise you cannot insist to get it. Simple as that

    I didn’t insist on anything. When the Pi4 came out they announced that 3D-MVC was going to be supported but they didn’t have a timeline.

    You are claiming that it isn’t going to happen. Do you work for LibreELEC? Was some announcement made that the plan has changed to not support 3-D?

    I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t. I would like it of course, but I still didn’t insist on anything. I’m asking if there’s been an official statement from them about the subject.

    there might be a special build of LibreElec

    Long ago the LE team said that 3D-MVC is going to come for the Pi4. They just didn't have a timeline. IIRC it had something to do with the Raspbian kernel being updated to the Linux 5.X line because of the new video drivers or something to that effect, and apparently that hasn't happened yet.

    Didn't I mention that already?

    Yes, you did, but you also said:


    All videos from the 3D samples section of the Kodi Wiki play here on the RPi-4 with 9.2.4

    Hence, my request for clarification. To me this statement implied that you tested the 3D files in a setup that could ostensibly play 3D.....otherwise, why test 3D files since you wouldn't you know they are working to begin with? Pi4 has played 2D since it was first released.

    Sorry for my confusion....

    That being said, I'd be willing to help test it on my Pi4 through a Denon Atmos receiver and BenQ-2050 3D projector if that helps