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    For anyone who wants to know, I originally installed v9.1 on the 3B+. When I ran 3D-MVC videos (possibly with all of them, but I didn't add anything but MVC to my Kodi library yet) the video would stutter/stop a lot and was not really usable.

    When i went into the update repositories and checked for LibreElec updates it said ti found one, but it was the v9.02 version, which is actually a LOWER version number. I let it "update" the system and it ran stable after that.

    I'm guessing the v9.1 series is still beta maybe?

    Thank you for the explanation. Being new to the Pi other than installing an imagine and using it, I wasn't sure.


    When you said:
    I've tested updating the USB controller firmware from LibreELEC (as described in the article, just drop "sudo" as it's not needed in LE) and it worked fine.

    You ran a command line in LE? How did you do that? All I see is the GUI.

    The link seems to suggest that it is a firmware update. Without knowing exactly what the program does, the best solution is to create a new SD card and install Raspbian. Run the commands under Raspbian and once complete and the version check is correct. Reboot with your LE SD card and all should be fine.

    So is there normally a need for updating firmware that is independent of the OS itself or is that normally part of the OS in the Pi world?

    I have a Pi4B that is running LibreELEC but definitely runs hot.

    I found this article:

    If you bought a Raspberry Pi 4, grab this firmware update to improve performance | PC Gamer

    Which links to this one:

    Raspberry Pi 4 temperature - Page 4 - Raspberry Pi Forums

    What I don't understand is whether this is something I have to do independent of LibreELEC. Is firmware updated with LE releases or is it a strictly hardware thing that has to be done separately or....?

    Sorry, I'm not an expert here. Thanks for the information and help!