Nightly images for A64, H3 and H6 boards

  • Simply_Kot Can you narrow the problem a bit? Is this issue present on all H264 1280x720 videos or only on some or only on one you have?

    It's not only one bad video. All season don't rewind.

    This video - ma1VVTTV4 and this - 3nx6yvXzJ everything working good.

  • Hi Jernej

    I've just accidentally discovered that my Orange Pi PC (loaded with libreelec image) reboots when:

    1. For radio addon: from chorus web interface or kodi remote app quickly change to another station without waiting for the previous station to comes up, the orange pi pc reboots when I change to third or fourth station.

    2. For youtube addon: from chorus web interface or cast from mobile device quickly change to another video without waiting for the previous video to start showing, the orange pi pc reboots when I change to third or fourth video.

    Can you suggest where should I check for the cause and maybe for the fix for this? Sorry for bothering about this. I can simply fix by slowing down :) but quite curious about the cause. This symtom doesn't happen with openlec image.

    Note: I'm a happy user (openelec image previously and now libreelec image) for years. Thanks for your wonderful work.

  • Very happy with the Pine64 version working good! So good that I am thinking to upgrade with digital audio, EMMC and wifi from the pine64 store.
    Any experience with these addons? Unfortunately after moving my new setup requires split audio/HDMI...

    Audio board - Wifi bluetooth module - EMMC

    (I think they have a new website?)

  • Which image? the one I linked? if yes, then yeah, that image still has that issue. However, if you build your image from source, it should work.

    You were right, the image was old. The ethernet reboot is fixed on master

    It would be best to add them to U-Boot and Linux kernel (not the same DT files are used for now). You can make pull request against Libreelec master with necessary updates to opi3 patches.

    Finally made the pull request, I took me a lot of time to build and test the image but is done. Pull request #3558

    Also, I'm interested in the orange pi 3 nightly builds.

  • supportvem Can you provide detailed logs? Currently I don't have much time to work on that.

    boatfreak Currently there is no support for DT overlays to enable additional functionality like hats you linked. Hopefully I'll have time to add support for them soon. I'm also not sure if there is appropriate driver for stereo audio DAC board. Regarding bluetooth/wifi module, I suggest you use something else, Realtek drivers are pain to maintain and we will probably stop supporting them in near future. Use non-Realtek USB dongles instead.

    Gatuno I merged your PR, thanks! Nightly builds for OrangePi 3 should be available soon. I think build machine was fixed today.

  • supportvem Can you provide detailed logs? Currently I don't have much time to work on that.

    I can provide detailed log but let's go back to this later when you have more time. I really don't want to bother for something that I can fix just by slowing down myself :)

  • Hi everyone, How to install libreelec sunwellQplus android tv box with allwinner H6 ARM cortex a53 chipset.. Could you please help me about this subject

  • Some improvements have been recently merged:

    - New board: OrangePi One Plus

    - CEC thread no longer uses a lot of CPU time

    - a ton of package updates to latest version

    Hopefully build machine for nightlies is fixed now.