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    I got the whole view. First, we would need to patch u-boot and atf. Second, generate the crust firmware and include it as binary blob. Third, send commands to the arisc-crust firmware???

    And jernej, you are right, I didn't even found anything about IR in the crust firmware source code. Seems like everything needs time. Thanks for your reply.

    TL;DR: Technically yes, but it won't be implemented in near future

    Long version:

    Such things are handled by AR100 coprocessor, which is unused for now. There is firmware in work for this coprocessor, called "crust" (currently only for 64-bit SoCs IIRC). I'm not sure how far it is and how much it will interfere with normal Linux drivers. I'm not fan of leaving control of peripherals to some firmware if it is not necessary. Actually, I'm not fan of firmwares at all (open source or otherwise), but I have to live with ATF and potentially with AR100 FW, if someone provide simple, unintrusive FW.

    Well, I agree with you. But, I'm also interested in turning on the orange PI 3 using IR.

    Actually, I'm trying to learn this. And check if it's even possible modify the current Orange PI 3 build with patches to activate this. Found some related post from you, jernej in internet (How to: setup wakeup with your IR remote control - Openelec - OrangePi - Powered by Discuz!), something you recommend to read or to start trying to activate this?

    I'm not asking "to implement this", just begin curious.


    Thanks to jernej , a lot of progress has been made to make LibreElec work in Orange PI 3. I have just recompiled the almost lastest version from master (commit cfd340b2838cc6a25e64eee1d9a12510a2f472c0), but I have been observing this issue from previous versions.

    I usually use LibreElec to stream cable tv from internet. I'm not sure what codec they send, but sometimes, when the play stop to do network buffering, the video gets stuck. The audio keeps playing after doing the network buffering.

    I have been tested the same network stream using a Raspberry PI 3, and even when the video stops to do network buffering, the video continues with no problems.

    I'm using the same internet, using network cable (not wifi in any case). Also, the network stream is TCP, thats for sure.

    I understand that raspberry pi has more work/better support than orange pi, but, I really want to help to find the problem. What switches should I activate to get more info about this issue?

    Thanks for reading.

    I managed to make it boot from emmc using this instructions: Nightly images for A64, H3 and H6 boards

    Which image? the one I linked? if yes, then yeah, that image still has that issue. However, if you build your image from source, it should work.

    You were right, the image was old. The ethernet reboot is fixed on master

    It would be best to add them to U-Boot and Linux kernel (not the same DT files are used for now). You can make pull request against Libreelec master with necessary updates to opi3 patches.

    Finally made the pull request, I took me a lot of time to build and test the image but is done. Pull request #3558

    Also, I'm interested in the orange pi 3 nightly builds.

    Thanks to Jernej, a lot of progress have been made for some platforms, like the orange pi 3.

    I'm trying to enable the IR receiver in the orange pi 3. I think that I need the sunxi-cir module, but I still don't understand the build system. How a module can be added to the final image?

    Thanks for reading.


    I managed to make libreelec boot from emmc without SD card in the Orange PI 3.

    First, I changed to dtb on the FAT partition to this one (I think this is built from u-boot patched try). This will 'expose' the mmcblk2 device block. Next, boot normally using the SD card. Wait for the 'storage' partition to resize. Power off the orange pi3. Copy the full .img to the storage partition, the 'patched' .dtb file, and the 'u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin' file. This comes from the .tar when you build the image. I take this file from my previous build.

    Boot libreelec again, do ssh and execute the following commands. First check if any 'mmcblk2' partition is mounted. And unmount them (if any). Next, destroy emmc with dd:

    dd if=Libreelec.img of=/dev/mmcblk2 status=progress

    Replace the 'dtb' file on the new created partition. Sadly, the partition will not be available until the next boot, so, reboot now. Mount the first partition (/dev/mmcblk2p1) and replace dtb file.

    Next, copy the u-boot loader:

    dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1k seek=8

    Poweroff the system, remove the sd card and boot completly from the emmc. The system will resize the storage partition again, by the way.

    Hope that helps someone.

    Hi good day

    I'm testing the Orange PI 3 image and still has the "ethernet reboot issue". I understand that this is a 'known bug'.

    In other things, I would be very useful for orange pi 3 if you could add "mmc2" definition in the device tree for u-boot loader. This could allow the image to be "dumped" directly to the integrated emmc. I understand that there is not official support for "dumping" the image yet, but, useful.

    In the current testing image, the emmc is not listed at /dev (usually named mmcblk2).

    Hi, I will apply for testing. I want to "try" to rebuild this image, can you pass the command used to build it?