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    Thats great news! Ive been running as a daily driver for a week now but I had a few random crashes. I dont see exact reasons why. Also some streams seem to have an audio problem because it only produces static. For now, I am gonna flash a fresh install and try again for tonites watching :)

    Edit: If it seems like a good daily driver I will make a 3D print case for it + 3.5 HDD bay for you guys!

    I think I just fixed the issue. Can you try this update: libreelec-a64.arm-9.1-devel-20190409201638-f117832.tar ?

    Thanks for the update! But the problem persists. Steps taken:
    - flashed a different SD card with mentioned image
    - updated with your file

    - no internet, rebooted (all cables connected), still no internet

    Here is the log (boot -> network setting check -> shutdown)

    Cables etc should be good, they have been running my RPI kodi.
    Anyone else with the same issue on pine64 2gb?

    Stumbled here and have a pine64a collecting dust and got exited to try! Its the pine64 2gb model and I get no network connection. Therefore I also cannot update over samba/ssh to get Ethernet working.. Steps:

    - Flashed LibreELEC-A64.arm-9.1-devel-20190324123655-b764cb6-pine64.img with Etcher on 32G card
    - boots fine, seems to work but Ethernet does not work (not video tested)
    - Tried to update manually by copying "target" folder containing kernel etc. from LibreELEC-A64.arm-9.1-devel-20190324161240-b764cb6

    still boots fine but no Ethernet (cabled)

    The LibreElec first boot wizard shows no networks available and in Settings->LibreElec->Network->Wired Networks i cannot activate. Screen flashes and returns to off position...

    Hope its a simple issue, didnt read it in this topic before :)

    edit: also my other pine64's running armbian, using a usb wifi.. Also doesnt work or respond to the OS.

    edit2: Im also running pi-hole on the network, never had any issues... Maybe a DHCP issue or similar? idk