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    Hi all!


    Libreelec nightly-20220401-aa8df56 (H6.arm)

    ASP,NET Runtime 6.0.1 addon

    Trying to run a service with ASP.NET Core + Angular + MariaDB application. If I run it in the terminal via Putty, everything works fine. The site opens outside the network.

    I.e. the application works fine.

    dotnet exec --runtimeconfig RadAlarm.Web.runtimeconfig.json --depsfile RadAlarm.Web.deps.json RadA
    larm.Web.dll --urls=

    But when I close the terminal and closes the application session so I need to install the application as a service.

    Found a sample service configuration in documentation and finalized it:

    the service will not start with this configuration

    The following error is written in the logs:

    Have any idea how to fix this ?

    Thx before for any help!


    сlose this thread

    Problem solved

    added a line


    Hope this help somebody too )

    Hi guys!

    I cant open menu Libreelec Configuration.


    locale output:

    How to fix it ?

    ilchenko things will improve once first alpha/beta and then hopefully stable images will be published for Allwinner. Then you'll always have image where addons should work. Nightlies are by definition unstable.

    thx for answer, Can someone tell me where to download the previous nightly version with python 2? it was totally fine for me. Moreover, I use addons that are rarely updated and do not think that they will be rebuilt for python 3 in the near future.

    Regarding first issue, just dd fresh unzipped image.

    hi jernej !

    Thx for help, I did it.

    Use this guide:

    Hi guys.

    I have 2 questions.

    1) Someone can share a recipe how to moving libreelec from SD to eMMC. i tried copying with the dd command, but does not work because the partition size is different. 16GB on SD and 8GB on eMMC and therefore, I get the error "No space left on device". Probably I need a sh script that will create the necessary partitions and copy the contents of the SD. I have seen similar scripts for other boards, even tried a couple of them, but they only formatted the eMMC, but did not copy the OS. Can someone help with it?

    2) I've written before. There was a problem with BD remux files. When playing, there was just a green screen and that's it.

    Now the main part of the BD remux files is played perfectly, but there is still a one problem with playback from a certain time. For example, I watched 30 minutes of the movie and pressed stop. Then I press the play button again, the player offers me to continue from the 30th minute and if I press agree, the player hangs deliberately. But if I choose to watch from the beginning, then after the movie starts to play, i can rewind it for 30 minutes and watch it further. This is only with 40-50GB files such as BD remux format. Maybe someone will test it too.

    Thank you in advance for the answers)

    You don't need video editor (it will probably do some re-encoding, which is highly undesirable in this case), just use dd or something similar. dd command would look like:

    dd if=inputvideo.m2ts of=sample.m2ts bs=1M count=50

    You just never believe me, but I was just reading now that all the editors are transcoding the video after the split and our whole idea just collapses))))

    thx for command!!! it changes the business))

    Oh, thank you!) But I always have trouble with the patches. I just don't know how to install them))) So I guess I'll wait for your image.)

    As I said, I can look into that if I have a sample which triggers the issue. Torrents are not allowed here and I really don't want to have 60 GiB sample. Video files are usually still playable if you cut them at arbitrary length, so why don't you just copy about 50 MiB of that video file and send me a link over private message?

    Okay! No editor to cut with. I will try to install some and send the file to you