Censored Word

  • Went to submit a post and said I couldn't because has a censored word... not exactly sure how/why this word is getting censored.


  • We have (had) a time period where plenty of spammers of all walks of life wanted to bless us with their visits, so we had to put up a pretty aggressive wall.

  • I agree with THRobinson. Censorship is going so far that we can't even discuss technical words, like an electronic F-E-M-A-L-E connector. It's pure overdose. :@

    Flexin' vinyl, jammin' break beats. 8)

  • The alternative is a huge number of spam bot posts per-day which is repetitive and demoralising work for the forum staff who already give up a large amount of their personal time to help the project. We value making their forum lives easier above a little wordplay inconvenience for users. Sorry but it's not going to change.