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    Hey guys... just got a Beelink GT1 Ultimate, looking for some remote advice.

    Right now I have an old PC and I installed an internal FLiRC chip which I programmed in windows with my Sony universal iR remote. In Kodi, it works perfectly, I can use the TV power button for the TV, Aux Power turns on the HTPC, and volume controls the soundbar.

    Switching to an Android box, I'll be losing all that, and the remote that came with the Beelink, has nice feeling buttons but, it's easily half the size of the Sony, and in my dry hands, very slippery.

    Before I start ripping my hare out trying to make the Sony work... is it easy to setup? I don't know anything about Linux, and no idea how to even get into the files for editing.

    Failing that, I was looking at remotes on under $30CAD... are there any that work out of the box and have iR that I can program to control the TV and Soundbar volume?

    Really trying to avoid needing 2 remotes, especially if the 2nd remote is used for power on/off only... bit annoying to have a 2nd remote for 1 function.


    So... Sunday I placed the order, should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Decided because of reviews and a website with firmware updates, to grab the Beelink GT1 Ultimate. DDR4 vs DDR3 I figured likely no real advantage, but, good reviews and a website was a big deal for me. Still can't seem to join their forum though, the confirmation email never shows.

    I also bought the Western Digital MyCloud EX2 Ultra 2-Bay drive for my 2x3TB HDDS. And for the Beelink, usually I get Sandisk, but opted to get the Samsung EVO Plus 32GB card for CoreElec.

    Will be nice to watch and HEAR a movie without a massive desktop case with a PSU and 2 fans whirring away.

    I'll let you guys know how it all works out. :)

    Well, I think I am getting either the T95ZMax ($88CAD) or the Beelink GT1 Ultimate ($113CAD). Specs are about the same, except Beelink shows DDR4 memory vs DDR3. Both have 3GB/32GB, Android 7.1, S912, octacore, gigabit ethernet, etc...I was also able to find a website for them with firmware updates. Few other boxes had similar specs, but a guessing game who made them.

    I guess my main questions are really...

    - how hard is it to get my Sony universal remote working on these

    - is it worth the extra $25-$30 on the Beelink

    - is it better to dual boot and run LibreElec off an SD card? will that be slower? My worry is wiping Android out, then needing to reinstall it. Haven't seen much online with regards to reversing the process which has me worried.

    I would stay away from any of the new 2nd generation of S9xx boxes that are starting to appear. the older units are still playing catch-up so the newer 2nd gen boxes will probably be further back in the support chain.

    How can I tell if 2nd Gen?

    Also, is the Octa-Core overkill vs Quad?

    On (Canada so not .com, fewer options) trying to find a good balance between specs, and not being absolutely horrid to look at, :D

    Lot's look a bit too SciFi and way too many lights on them. Personally, I'd kinda like to get one, gut it, and make a nice wooden case or something.

    If reading correctly... Rockchip is kinda a no-go still, correct? beta versions out testing but no stable releases?

    I won't have a whole bunch of stuff that's 4k 10bit H265... just a few things (ie Infinity Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy... stuff where the CGI is high-end and needs to be seen). Otherwise, most off my library would be more-or-less like the below. I use VidCoder (handbrake with a different gui) and usually use the variable bitrate now at 21 for most movies, 18 for the ones I really like and have lots of CGI. Audio, usually convert the DTS 5.1 down to AC3 5.1 640kbps... on my 2.1 system, sounds the same and saves space.

    Format : HEVC

    Format/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding

    Format profile : [email protected]@Main


    Duration : 2 h 5 min

    Bit rate : 4 345 kb/s

    Width : 1 920 pixels

    Height : 1 080 pixels

    Display aspect ratio : 16:9

    Frame rate mode : Constant

    Frame rate : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS

    Color space : YUV

    Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0

    Bit depth : 8 bits

    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.087

    Stream size : 3.80 GiB (87%)

    So... used an old PC for years now, Core2Quad Q9450... and thinking upgrade time.

    I am getting a new TV soon (currently no stock) with 4K Ultra image, and Dolby Vision HDR and 10-bit colour. As a test, I grabbed a 10-bit HEVC H265 file, that well... played, but miserably. Stuttered, jerky, etc... I have not yet tried the Beta version of LibreElec, with Kodi 18. I read that may be part of the issue, Kodi 17 vs 18, but also my fanless cheap Nvidia video card.

    Someone suggested an Android box, which I knew about and ignored because didn't want an Android interface. Just discovered that you can 'hack' them I guess and replace the OS with LibreElec. Now I'm interested. Way smaller, far less noise and power consumption. Plus, I was thinking of getting a 2-Bay NAS drive anyways for the 2x3TB drives I have.

    I don't want to spend $200 (Canadian) on a box... nor do I want one that won't do the job. I won't have many movies that are 10-bit H265, just a few select ones. Mostly 8-bit H265 around 6000kbps bitrate. Plus, and doesn't have to be as good, I need one for the living room as well. Not a 4K TV, not used as often, but rare time they might click on a 10-bit x265 file, hopefully it'll run.

    Any pointers of what to search for? or specific models to get? RK3328 vs S905W... 2GB/4GB...

    Would something like this work?

    Yes, exactly

    If you want a file server I can recommend FreeNAS, otherwise people have success with unraid and mediavault.

    Never heard of those... I'll probably grab Linux Mint or Ubuntu because I've heard of those, and Kodi I know will install to them. The main HTPC is a server but, also attached to my main TV so, also a media player.

    The remote HTPC's are older Dell desktops, mid-range Quad-Cores I added low-profile GPU's to for HDMI... but small, fit on the TV stand well, and have given 0 problems. But if I can make them a bit faster and use less resources with LibreElec, I'll probably give it a try... once I sort out the main HTPC of course.


    LibreELEC is *not* a media server. We do include the ability to share drives via SMB however the functionality is rather simple.

    I think your best option is to setup a file server that can share your files, then use LibreELEC on another device as a client.

    Thanks... so basically something like Linux Mint/Ubuntu on HTPC1... and on the remote HTPC's run LibreElec, and through Kodi access the shared drives.

    Ya... I think you're missing my point....

    I'm asking the forum for help/advise on how to setup shares/permissions on a network cross platforms, or if it will even work on a stripped down version of the OS. It may not be something that can be done with LibreElec, I may need the full Linux Mint/Ubuntu to make it work.

    Telling me to install it and if it works great, is not at all helpful.

    My motherboard doesn't really work well with USB booting... older board.

    That said... even if it did work from USB, I still need to know how to make the shares and iR remote work. I could care less how the OS looks, I'd have it auto boot into KODI when the PC is turned on and never see the OS. I just need to know how to make the network shares and various access levels work and have the TV remote work as well.

    If I can't do that with LibreELEC, I'll retry Linux/Ubuntu... if it will work, I'd rather use LE... from what I've heard it's a stripped down version which is all I need since again, all I need on it is KODI for a media server.

    I've been a KODI/XBMC user for years running WinXP and now Win7x64. I tried to use Ubuntu once before, which worked, got KODI installed last summer... but then when it came to mapping network drives and getting my iR remote working, I wasn't able to find any help on the KODI site and gave up.

    I've switched the guts of my machine to a nice new case, looking to swap out my loud HDD primary drive for a small 16-32GB SSD drive, make it quieter and maybe a bit faster... but it still has 2 x 3TB HDDs for media storage.

    My remote is a Sony universal remote, with an HP iR receiver and EventGhost. Works in Win7 perfectly, no luck getting a similar setup to work in Ubuntu.

    Nice thing about swapping to a new drive is, I can work on it a bit more to make it work how I want... if I need a break from it, plug back the old HDD and media player works again.

    So... was hoping for a bit of feedback before I get started to see if I should even bother. I've heard a lot of LibreELEC being a good one to use for a media server, small and quick but, having 0 experience with Linux/Unix stuff I'm not sure if I can do what I need to do with it or not.

    I currently have the HP iR receiver, but, bought a FLIRC Streacom iR receiver to use instead for the new case with the Sony Remote (RM-VZ320).

    Drive wise, and this is a bit trickier...
    - my HTPC has a main drive for the OS/Kodi, and 2x3TB drives of media, one for TV series, one for movies. I have the two full drives shared, not folders. TV has sub folders for each series, and the movie drive has 0 folders, just files only.
    - I have remote HTPCs that connect to the main HTPC with read-only access. Very important because the family likes to press buttons and can mess things up fast.
    - I also have my PC, where I do all my edits/re-encodes from, which needs full read/write/delete access to the HTPC so I can add/delete/change files.
    - Everything is connected via ethernet... except 1 tablet over WiFi.

    Is this something I can set up with LibreELEC? Do I need full Linux? Stick with Win7?

    Thanks for any pre-help you can give... if it's something that's not too hard to do, could I get away with a 16GB SSD? 32GB?

    System specs are below

    Operating System: Win7 64-Bit Pro w/SP1
    System: Intel Core2Quad 2.67Ghz Q9450/ 4GB PC6400 DDR2 Memory/ MSI GT 710 2GB
    XBMC Build: KODI 16.1
    Remote: Sony Remote (RM-VZ320) and HP Receiver (5188-1667) - Replaced with FLIRC
    Display: 40" Sony Bravia HDTV