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    The alternative is a huge number of spam bot posts per-day which is repetitive and demoralising work for the forum staff

    Just activate akismet and call it a day! What's demoralising is the constant over blocking, censoring and the poor software forum. Users are often gone as quickly as they come as their threads/posts are disabled and things which usually take some 20 minutes or 1 hour to resolve in modern FOSS communities is a matter of days in this locked down and un-welcoming community.

    Very sad for the project that the community staff is not able to set a basic/heal-thy/friendly environment for a growing community which invites everybody to participate.

    Well gentlemen it just looks like to me that everything which is posted in the forum feedback category just get's closed/deleted/banned when it's not inline what the crew thinks/wants.

    Obviously no rules where violated still post stay disabled or threads get closed - something that can't be and isn't right.

    For example this two topics are marked as resolved while they aren't:

    July 10, 2023 at 5:08 PM

    Next step obviously would to delete all this threads and post and file some take down notices to the internet archive to also get the cache purged.

    It prevents spam posts

    Aren't spam posts prevented that they are disabled by default anyway? They will not pass through the censor so they will never be public?

    Or why not just activate a automated anti-spam solution like akismet and send the mods home (or have them only work 10% of the time for the same result?). It looks like the people in charge aren't really capable (or willing) running a community. Very sad for the project!

    Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.

    I love LibreELEC but I hate the moderation, over blocking and all the censorship in this forum!

    With great power comes great responsibility (something the mods should learn or censor!)

    writing the new platform grabber paulchen-panter began

    When I would start this now (including learning basic programming and all the bits & bytes connected to this project) it might be already completely obsolete ones I "finished" as this would probably take me years....

    go back to LE9

    Was thinking about this already - but I actually upgraded because some of my add-on's started requiring a more recent kodi version. So this isn't a real option anymore...

    buy a philips ambilight TV

    Or buy a rootable LG TV

    Both are far over our budget. Our old TV is fine (even full HD) beside leaking a bit and the plastic starts to degrade/desolve. This TV has over 10 years and while the electronics go strong the plastic is the real problem (probably wasn't designed to last that long in the beginning). Not long ago the TV stopped working completely and when I open the thing up I was greeted with an AC-switch that degraded like a cookie in my hand (brittle and broke into 100 pieces). This was fixed easily (didn't bothered with a new switch but just connected the wires) and now I hope the thing will last another decade ;)

    rather small invest to get a cheap external grabber with a little more cabling…

    Another user told to avoid cheap external grabber and use (known) working (more premium?) solutions which cost around $100.

    On the other hand this investment would be just to get my lost function (hyperion) back. If I invest it would be nice to also get a boost as my RPI3 system works but it is a little sluggish and slow when navigating the menu.

    Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.

    So somewhat I have in my head to just invest in a sub $50 tv box which does allow software grabbing with hyperion and coreelec

    The "use an external grabber" does mean some extra $$

    My pain is that this extra $$$ is actually more I paid years ago for my whole setup (based on RPI3) which did work for years with the software grabber without any downsides.

    When I'm investing I would hope to also get a boost in snappiness (kodi gui is a little slow/sluggish with RPI3 nowadays) so something with a more powerful SOC and maybe more RAM eventually.

    The other thing why I'm not into the hardware grabber thing is the extra cabling and power draw. Right now my RPI3 are powered directly from the TV USB and it works a treat (never had any power issues) - hardware grabbers need extra power and it might be opening the box of Pandora regarding my setup (hiding the RPI behind the TV was already pain and it's quite dense with cabling already). Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.

    Best no-thrill software for writing/verifying images is usbimager for me. Other than the raspberry imager or the balena etcher adware this one works without any analytics/tracking and allows to privately write and verify a image.

    USBImager is available for all major platforms is FOSS, less than half a megabyte with GUI and without dependencies. :thumbup:


    I have a 2.4Amp power supply with a stable 5.2 volts.

    Are you powering your RPI 3 via GPIO or via microUSB? And did you measure the 5.2V under load or when the PSU is idle?

    The microUSB specifications list a amperage of maximum 1.8A for this type of connector. In general the microUSB socket/plug isn't that great when higher power is demanded because they have tiny connectors and a quite high resistance. They also tend to degrade quite quickly and a loosy connection is often what I got with my microUSB sockets/plugs.

    “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”

    Still testing another PSU might be worth. I have 12/24V PSU which worked for years for long runs of led lightning and one day started to produce a more or less regular flicker. These PSU still have the rated voltage (even under load) when measured and "look" fine but I degraded them to simply open and close valves now because they are not fit for my lightning applications anymore. Maybe some capacitors lost some liquid and the ripple got bigger? Power supplies age - and mostly they don't age well.

    We get blasted by all kind of bots and chinese, indian, ...human spam bots.

    Human spam bots? Are they human or are they bots? They succeed with the turing test at time of registration so they are likely human (or bots with human help)?

    The amount of posts you need till you have free reign is rather low, so its just a bit annoying at the very beginning.

    Good to know there is hope - still couldn't the limit be lowered? Because a ordinary spammer spams right from the start and will be directly banned without the spam even published - right? On the other hand if one posts like 3 times valuable/proper content he is likely a valid human fellow which doesn't need to be redistricted to just post every 2,400 seconds?

    And it's really not just a "bit annoying" for new users - it really shoots two birds with one stone and contradicts participation as well discourage users to stay in this community. Even as I'm here for seeking help (packed with much more #censored#) I struggled shortly if I should register again at all as I remembered the (for me absurd) limitations this forum has in the year 2023.

    Relying on users to flag spam doesn't work because when you present a shitty task to a large audience everyone hopes or assumes someone else will do it, with the result that nobody does it

    A you certain about this? May I ask were you got this mileage from?

    From what I know it's almost defaults to have the community doing the first level of moderation/flagging. It just needs to be "easy" enough (3 clicks no more). That combined with some standard anti-spam rules/protection which comes shipped by default with every modern community software and the spam (which is only handled by a handful of mods right now) shouldn't be anything but a big problem.

    the staff/mod users (who are already doing it, and the people doing initial post approvals and the main responders to around 2/3 of the threads in the forum anyway

    That's the (only?) good part indeed. But as the mods are human it's only logically as they do this repetitive and probably not to challenging "job" the brains get inventive and to have at least something (a little demanding) and not just approving posts like an AI could do they challenge themself in giving (the correct) answers. Like a gamification of a repetitive task to last longer doing it.

    and it's a highly effective spam block

    That might be true but it comes with high restrictions/limitations for (possible) new community members. Over blocking has lot's of negative side effects which mostly are invisible. Kind of a collateral damage.

    And you pay nothing to get free software

    I'm actually free software advocate and regulatory donate to FOSS projects - but yes, technically donating is not paying while both lower the amounts of $$$ on the bank account

    and free support

    Or to give free support ;) Probably the most ordinary thing for open source projects is that the community helps the community - no?

    Reminds me that I wanted to open a thread about the WIKI to add a warning about that Hyperion article and that it is outdated on only works till <=LE V9. As I can't make a new thread the next 2,400 seconds (annoying!) I just dropped it here (mods can probably just split the post and make a new thread out of it - thx!)

    Manual verification

    I know this pain! This is really a once in a lifetime experience here and I'm not sure how much you get payed for it.

    Wonder why are talking on so much (in my eyes totally unnecessary work)? Why don't you just let the community do the "hard" task and let moderate the forum? Like it's kind of standard nowadays so that users just flag/report content and it will be invisible until a mod approves/removes it?

    That way the mods should have much less work and users might be happier because their legit posts are actually visible and not in limbo for hours or days because only 1(?) mod actually does this job.

    And this:


    You have already written a post within the last 2,400 seconds. You must wait at least 1,069 seconds before attempting to write a new post.

    also should be fixed as it is super annoying and contradicts participation in this forum :!:

    Can only think of this second limitation was introduced because the mods are not capable otherwise reviewing every post manually upfront before published.

    I'm back with a new account because two days ago the drive from my computer (samsung pro ssd) gave up and my recent backup was over two weeks old :cry:

    "Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship."

    Back 2 topic: Had a talk recently with a friend and he is using the latest kodi nexus on a amlogic tv box together with the hyperion software grabber. While he is not using LibreELEC but CoreELEC but the device/SOC he is using (s905x3) should have a informal support for LibreELEC too:

    No formal support for newer S905X2/D2/Y2, S905X3, S922X, A311D devices (read below)

    As such a s905x3 is much cheaper than hardware grabber parts for my raspberry setup (and also doubles ram+more powerful soc) I guess I rather invest in a newer device than in the extra grabber hardware.

    With the change to Wayland and or GBM Hyperion is generally not working anywhere anymore for grabbing stuff.

    Can/will hyperion work with amlogic s905x3 platform with libreelec (it does on coreelc) or will that also be broken?