feedback for test build LibreELEC-RK3328

  • Using real world files on a RockPro64 can only test at 1080p but the full OPenGL ES driver running is the first one I have seen.
    All video seems to play without stutter, no probs at all.

    The playback and driver seems much better as first time the CPU seems to be hardly being touched on playback and also corresponds to heatsink temp also.

    The version of Kodi seems to not be complete but beta with the movie imdb scrobbler seems a bit wack but video wise the drivers seem solid.

  • boudicca99

    I am using Etcher to flash the image onto a Sandisk “extreme plus” SD

    With everything set to default (untouched) it will not play any video past 20 seconds without freezing.

    I have tried over LAN (wired gigabit) and USB (4tb USB 3.0 drive) with no success

    Device = standard Rock64 2gb with dual heat sinks for SOC and RAM

    I’m happy to hear others are having more success.

  • Problem with Rock64 2160p HDR Big file Kwiboo ,

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  • Bug using Corsair 64gb USB Flash Drive (NTFS) inserted into USB3 Port Rock64.

    Movie files Freeze 1 to 2 Minutes into Playback.

    This has also been Fixed with latest test build image.

  • I guess its the utgard vs midgard architecture of Mali-450 vs Mali-T860 of RK3288 vs RK3399.

    I gave up on the RK3288 and jumped ships to the RK3399 but have been generally bemused as my rationale was the OP1 (RK3399 ChromeOS rebrand) surely should have much work done already via Samsung & Asus, like are the ChromeOS drivers closed source?.
    Surely the Mali-T860 Rockchip drivers should of been done and dusted a long time back and why the Mali-450 has been so painful and quite at odds with the roadmap Rockchip promoted.
    I guess there is some politics at work that I don't understand but how much work has been done by key individuals is amazing, but Rockchip!!! like wtf?

    The GPU architecture in the RK3288 & RK3399 is different so utgard still has huge problems midgard of the RK3399 is starting to look like it is nearing complete.
    With my real life files on the RK3399 on a limited sample maybe 20+ a few files did show a very slight stutter, that I wasn't sure if encoding or playback.

    I am unhappy to hear the utgard is still stalling and blame Rockchip but don't think the partnership with Intel did both chips any good.

    RK3288 & RK3399 architecture difference of utgard vs midgard are likely to show difference in driver compatibility.

  • Hi, I have a Rock64 4gb. The same issues (freezes and micro stutter) when playing 2160p HDR files. I have olso tried over LAN, WLAN and USB with no success. The tested files running fine with Kwiboo last test build.

  • Thanks for the image. I tested it again with Tvheadend (latest version I've found at repository) and there are not too many changes from my perspective - the HD TV starts playing, but again freezing after a few moments on my Rock64 2GB board. Maybe there is a special version of TVHeadend, or specific settings required?

    A user of Rock64 boards and Tvheadend

  • New build I made with hdr and 10-bit color support.

    Lots of new codec settings under the Videos menu.


    I'll also upload a rock64 build if not available later today.

    Great work kwiboo.

    Hi, I'm using this build, but my tv box (technotrend s2-4600) is not recognized. Box is not shown in tvheadend.


  • I also have no idea. I thought trn9 box = mvr9 box isn't it? I'm using now build from post #263.

    Aren't there (yet) any dvb modules activated in kernel?

    my usb tv box isn't recognized

  • I also have no idea. I thought trn9 box = mvr9 box isn't it? I'm using now build from post #263.

    Aren't there (yet) any dvb modules activated in kernel?

    my usb tv box isn't recognized

    You must use a build with -trn9 at the end like below, otherwise if using the generic rk3328 build, ethernet & wifi won't work and it will use DDR3 instead of DDR4 memory speed.


    I havn't managed to add both HDR and rkbin patches since their code overlap and it results in an error.

    Maybe CvH or someone can make a trn9 build with both patches that can work and dvb drivers.

    It is build like this:

    PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3328 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=box-trn9 make image

  • CvH could you do a build for trn9 with latest changes and dvb modules enabled?

    PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3328 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=box-trn9 make image

  • CvH if I want to start playing with some builds are you checking out just the latest or can we clone and checkout your repo?

    For a RockPro64 is there a specific device or is it just as above but

    PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3399 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=box-trn9 make image

    Whoops PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3399 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=rockpro64 make image

    I mean

    Plus out of curiosity does ARCH=aarch64 work or make much difference?

  • Hello, i am new here ....

    i like know if this code supposed to work with "dts_hd, dollby true_hd, atmos, dts:x" ?

    my receiver report discrete 7.1 channel and play noise when i try this audio formats.


  • Hi, the audio passthrough do not work correctly actually. I suggest you to not use it.

    Don't forget, this release is an alpha release.... It is under intensive development.

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