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    I am using Etcher to flash the image onto a Sandisk “extreme plus” SD

    With everything set to default (untouched) it will not play any video past 20 seconds without freezing.

    I have tried over LAN (wired gigabit) and USB (4tb USB 3.0 drive) with no success

    Device = standard Rock64 2gb with dual heat sinks for SOC and RAM

    I’m happy to hear others are having more success.

    Using real world files NOT demo files.

    Device = Rock64 2gb

    This build plays nothing, absolutely nothing past 20 seconds.

    I do not test .ts files.

    All files tested are .mkv

    Tested h264 and h265

    HDR and non HDR

    Nothing plays past 20 seconds.

    ALL videos freeze permanently

    I would greatly suggest that other people testing this platform get ahold of real world files to test with. Aka mkv encodes of popular movies.

    It’s great if demo files play, but it means nothing if that’s all that plays.

    It can’t be expected that one would remux an entire catalog in order to have it playable.

    It seems to be that “demo” files play well, while files one would actually play for entertainment (“real use”) don’t play well.

    I haven’t tried any “demo” files because my rock64 is for entertainment use, not demo use.

    Movie I’ve tried are... (all of them are in MKV format)

    Avengers: infinity war


    The dark knight

    The LEGO movie

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Baby driver

    Spider-Man Home coming


    Deadpool 2

    Ready Player One

    The Post


    Tomb Raider

    Red Sparrow

    NONE of them play without studdereding, freezing, pink/green screen washout.

    ALL of them play perfectly fine via Mac, Roku, Android 7.1 RKMC (Rock64 version)


    Thanks for the Rock64 image.

    Sadly though it’s still a hot mess in regards to HDR.

    The RKMC on Android 7.1 (via Pine Installer) works near flawlessly.

    It’s a shame libre has taken so long and still remains so far behind.

    I really enjoy the simple nature of Libre over having a more bloated android setup.

    Videos stuffer badly. Most of them are unplayable for me. Lots of screen tearing and pink/green screen washout.

    Hopefully this can all be worked out before the platform is left behind for something more modern.

    4k HDR videos that do not work via Rock64

    Via Rarbg:

    LEGO Movie

    Terminator 2

    Both are HEVC 4K HDR 10bit

    *Downloading torrents is considered illegal in some countries,

    do so at your own risk.

    **These links are provided for research and educational purposes only

    and at no time are to be used for entertainment purposes.

    4k HDR is getting better.

    No need for me to manually set resolution and frame rate. Change on start / stop is working here.

    Videos that do play tend to play smoothly. Out of 5 or 6 I tried, 2 would not work. Still freezing / glitching. Could be the encode but they do play fine on my Roku Stick + and the Plex app via TCLs Roku variant.

    When I go to play a video it will not work to “resume”. All videos (4k hdr) must be played from the beginning.

    All settings at default (green lines still there, disappear after video start stop)

    Device = Rock64

    Applied the 7/3 .tar

    HEVC 4k HDR plays BUT video studders/freezes intermittently.

    Setting audio to anything other than 2.0 will cause a complete system collapse AND send my Rock64 into a boot loop.


    Played some other files today:

    X264 720p works great

    X265 1080p works great

    Albeit only 2 channel audio working.

    I think with a new HDMI 2.0 cable all your problems will be solved.

    Frame-rate switching needs to be on start/stop for HDR to work, not off.

    I bought a new cable today but all these same issues persist.

    Cable is rated for HDMI 2.0 18gbs. Works on my 4k screen from my Mac at 60hz 4:4:4 chroma 30 bit color

    To test I am using movies obtained from various sources, not reference files. Movies tested are The LEGO Movie, Tomb Raider (2018), Hidden Figures, and Earth One Amazing Day.

    All are 4k HEVC HDR10 mkv files.

    I made an account just to give feedback for HDR support

    Tested on a ROCK64 2GB


    HDR “works” (need to manually set frame rate ( auto = off ))

    Videos play smooth (when manually setting frame rate to match the video)


    I get random green static / lines in the main UI when set to 4k @ 60hz. Might be my cable, I’ll have to buy another as I only have the one available. 30 and 24Hz work fine, no green lines.

    Frame rate switching = auto ... choppy / frozen video playback

    Frame rate switching = off ... manually set ... after playing an HDR video and returning to the main menu, the output is still in “HDR”, causing the image to be over boosted .

    It’s nice to finally have HDR playback “working”. In time I’m sure it will be highly reliable.

    Keep up the excellent work :)