[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

  • 1280x720


    changing these parameters does not change the display unfortunately.

    I used to change it via the terminal, unfortunately I did not write the commands.

    KII Pro / Wiwa Dream Player TV - LibreElec testing...

  • I had same cases of crash after cca 50minutes of dvbt watching.

    and when will it be fixed?

    this build does everything except this 1 bug and only some mpeg2 channels. not all.

    "das erste sd" tv channel works and works and works.


    Hi, I have not been here for a long time because everything worked well for me. Yesterday I rebooted the box, I do not know why and I have this effect Somewhere I saw two lines to enter in the terminal but I can not find it and fix the problem. Will you help?

    i had this several times. after a reboot or hard reset it was gone.

  • I used to change it via the terminal, unfortunately I did not write the commands.

    fw_printenv hdmimode
    fw_printenv outputmode
    fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p50hz
    fw_setenv outputmode 1080p50hz

    Example above.

  • The hdmi cable I was checking is ok.

    When I turn on a movie or tv program via yatse, the picture is good. The problem is with Kodi and its appearance.

    When that happens, SSH into the box, rename guisettings.xml to guisettings.xml.BAK and reboot.

    Once you can see what you're doing, change box resolution to your preferred setting.

    I can usually then SSH in again, delete guisettings.xml and remove the .BAK from guisettings.xml.BAK and things are good again

    If you have Android on internal, you can, instead, boot to Android and turn of the auto-select best resolution in display settings then set resolution the same as in Kodi.

  • Hi guys,

    I Always had regret the day I bought a transpeed 2g/8g android box with 5.1.1 android os. Choppy picture quality, crashes etc etc.... Now that I've installed libreelec on this same box, i'm actually liking it. The picture quality is awsome. No hickups or framedrops whatsoever and all of this @4K.

    Just have one question though: I also lost my recovery option with this box (pressing reset button then connect to power), since I installed librelec to internal. Is there any way to get back the (custom) recovery option by using the SD card method (like TWRP etc...)?

    Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.



  • Is there any way to get back the (custom) recovery option by using the SD card method

    You need the Factory Device Tree and Recovery Image.

    Chase up your Android Firmware Image and learn how to use Amlogic burning tool.

    You will need it. Try Freaktab Forum for firmware if you have trouble finding it.

  • S905w Box.



    and gxl_p212_1g.dtb

    So why did you use a temp sensor image for an s905w ?

    Nobody will know what steps you have taken to burn the correct image.

    The fact you just picked an image with temp sensor disabled worries me.

    What box you're trying to boot should not be a secret either.

    Your screenshot basically shows you have gone into recovery mode.

    SD Card not mentioned anywhere.

  • kostaman

    I prepared micro-SD card according to the instructions.

    I am not a new user. This is my 3rd player. My S905 and S905x load Libreelec and work fine!

  • I prepared micro-SD card according to the instructions.

    I don't think the device tree is the problem.

    Usually the box will hang if device tree is wrong.

    I think your s905w is not going to work using Toothpick recovery method.

    You can use details?id=me.thomastv.rebootupdate&hl=en

    Don't use temp disabled image as it is for s905 chips which had an issue booting a long time ago with kszaq's builds.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you very much for your help.

    It worked what colleague Kostaman wrote. The picture is displayed correctly.

    On the second test box with CoreElec software I unfortunately have the message "tvheadend htsp client no signal". In the evening, when I am at home, I will send logs.

    Thank you again for help.

    KII Pro / Wiwa Dream Player TV - LibreElec testing...

  • hi. help me pls. i use ki plus s2 t2.

    with afl1 build (20171023...) remote work fine, all keys. but with kszaq build remote keys work not all. not work color keys, epg, info, etc... i think, what i need replace remote.conf? i have remote.conf from afl1 build.

    how can i use the remote.conf file for this remote for full use? pls see me, what path for this file?

  • Hello,

    is there any recommends for 905/x box? I need one cheap box only for playing videos from an external drive. The videos are only 1080p, h264.. so standards.

    The box would be only play this files, so no addons or smth else.


  • From my experience using Amlogic Chip boxes attached to my 1080p TV I was happy using LE until i Purchased a Rock64 RK3328 chip.

    The picture Quality on the Rock64 is far superior to any Amlogic chip Box that i have owned. The only one that is close to the Rock64 is my K1 Pro S905D Chip. The S905W is GARBAGE. Picture is the worst of all.

    I have no idea why but it is a big difference. I would not recommend an Amlogic Chip for that reason alone.

    Beware Rockchip 3328 with LE is not stable but very usable for what you require. For the future it will be stable and with Rockchip staff responding to LE forum is a big step towards stability.

    feedback for test build LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.0-devel-box-trn9.img