tvh2kodi addon - configure tvheadend from kodi interface

  • I don`t need it right now, but this is awesome!

    To be honest - TVH is a pita to use!

    This addon has the potential to make it so much less bad...

    Did you think about channel list import/export - icon import export? Online... so everyone can browse usermade channellists, sort by network, up and downvote... sorry I`m dreaming... ;)

  • Thanks for the ideas! The next release will contain an option to backup and import the tvheadend userdata - so setting up multiple systems or recreating a system after a clean LE install will be easy!

    Icon import is in the works.

    Not sure how the channel list export function would be helpful. Why would you want to see someone else's channel list? Depending on your service/location those lists wouldn't be relevent. Happy to consider - but would need more info on use. :)

  • Like you I am not fussed about other peoples channels, I would like to be able to save my channel list as I spent literally hours getting it numbered in a way that wont get me shot by the family.

    looking forward to the updated release.

  • If you set your channel numbers in tvheadend - my update will back those up. If you set your channel numbers in kodi - you will need to do a kodi backup under the LibreELEC settings. While I haven't published the update yet - you can try it if you would like:

    Please let me know if you have errors while using it. I'm waiting for some feedback before I update the release.

  • :)

    I would like to be able to save my channel list as I spent literally hours getting it numbered in a way that wont get me shot by the family.

    This - that`s the reason, why I would love to see other peoples channel list.

    Channel sorting / adding new ones is a pain. I set up some boxes for friends and family in the past, and having a pre-sorted list makes live so much easier.

    I myself have a dvbviewer setup running right now (the user experience of tvheadend was one of my main reasons to go that route) - so I could not help testing, sorry.

    I`ll promote your great add on though!

  • Got it - the backup function will sortof do this - it just isn't readable by anything but tvh. I suppose you could copy over just the channel uuids and that would create someone's channel list on your system. But it would need to have the same network name for those channels to work.

    In your case - you can use the backup in the test release (1.6) and use that to import to any new systems. All the tvh settings will be recreated.

  • to copy someones channel list, you need to do a channel scan first.


    1. deactivate TVH

    2. replace /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42/input/dvb/networks/your-network-id/muxes

    3 replace /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42/input/dvb/networks/your-network-id/channel

    4. enable TVH and reboot

  • Not adding to the release list yet - but here's a test update with support for:


    - add support for IPTV Networks


    - add support for Tvh username-password


    - add backup and import of tvh userdata

    - add channel icon reset option

    Please let me know if you come across errors - otherwise I will update my github release. Thanks!

  • I've tried your add-on out. It backed up files a treat, but I couldn't get it to restore the data to a new installation.

    I'm guessing, after reading a bit more here, you need to disable TVH to restore the backed up data? I didn't do this and got an error.

    Am I correct in thinking that?

  • Hoffy You are correct - Tvheadend service needs to be disabled for backup and import - but that addon should do that automatically.

    Can you please tell me what version of LE and Tvh your using for both the original device and the new installation? Also - if possible - could you provide the kodi.log?

  • I just saw this and decided to give it a go. I see you have been keeping yourself busy. :) When I tried to install 1.8 I am getting a failure stating that it failed to install a dependency. Any idea what it might be?

  • What version of LE are you running?

    The only dependencies are:

    <import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.6.0"/>

    <import addon="script.module.dateutil" version="2.4.2"/>

    <import addon="script.module.xbmcswift2" version="2.4.0"/>

    <import addon="script.module.requests" version="2.9.1" />

    All should be in the LE or Kodi repository. Make sure you've initiated those by browsing them in the addons section. I've had some issues on fresh installs where the system doesn't know the LE and Kodi repos exist until I browse them.

    Also - please test this version instead - it fixes an issue with IPTV networks.

  • I'm running the LE8 "Extended" community build by escalade. Based on 8.0.2 I think. TVH is the latest build from the repo. Unfortunately, I don't think I have the log from when that happened. I'll have a look when I get home tonight.