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    I am trying to set this up. I am confused. I'm a NOOB at best. I have a RPi3 and am running Libreelec

    I have installed tools-comskip-8-2-90-zip

    Set the following in tvheadend 4.2.3-20

    • Remove all unsafe characters from filename: YES
    • Replace whitespace in title with '-': YES
    • Post-processor command: /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/bin/comskip %f


    I think now if everything is correct I should now have an .edl file also when I record. Am I correct?

    I am not seeing that and commercials are not being skipped. What am I missing?

    It looks like that last version fixed the missing episodes issue.

    I'm thinking there may be a problem with downloading the extra details. I am setting the number of days to download to 1.

    When I try to run zap2epg from within Kodi it just sits there and spins. Maybe I'm not being patient enough. However, I have waited at least 5 minutes and nothing ever happened. I have tried this several times.

    When I look at Configuration\Channel / EPG\Channels\, ALL channels are pointed to correct EPG Source (#####.zap2epg)

    If I look at the Electronic Program Guide tab, I only see programs listed for channel 50.1 which is 24115 in the xml file and 50.1 programs are all that show up in the program guide in Kodi.

    I may have spoken too soon. If I look at my xml file it is filled. Looking at the EPG Source on the Channel tab, only one station appears. The others that are in the xml file do not show. Any thoughts ?

    Okay. I got it running. Just a little misunderstanding on my part. You stated that you wanted to make this an easier process in an earlier conversation we had. I can say you are certainly accomplishing that. Nice job!

    OK. I got to looking closer. Nothing is be written to my xmltv.xml file. Right now I am only trying to read 3 days of data and NO Extra Data. I have double checked my settings I feel I have everything correct.

    I just installed zap2epg and configured it within Kodi and all I can say is "Wow!" I seem to be missing something though. I have reconfigured the EPG Grabber Module in Tvheadend to the internal XMLTV grab and rebooted. Nothing is showing up under the Electronic Program Guide tab. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks.

    I don't know if anyone has run across anything like this and in my mind it is more of a network issue than anything. However, I don't have any idea where I should go to post this.

    I am running a rpi3 with v 8.0.1 MR that has a tvheadend 4.2 backend.

    On my router I have setup port forwarding for the for this device for ports 8080 and 9981. That way I could remotely access both the chorus interface as well as tvheadend.

    At this time I also setup port forwarding for 2 IP Cameras I have.

    I then went to and set me up a dynamic dns. Let's call it

    I can sit at home and go to any of these ports and it works perfectly. For example if I go to http : // it goes to the tvheadend and doesn't miss a beat.

    If I am at work. All of the connections time out and I get nothing. I guessing this has something to do with the settings here at the office. No big deal.

    If I am to a connected to a MIfi device and try to connect, I can get to the IP Cameras just fine. However if I try to get to the ports on the rpi3 it times out.

    I am really confused that I can reach this DNS when I am on my home network, but not when away.

    I disabled my firewall so a short time thinking something there might be causing it. That didn't help.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas what this could be? It really isn't a big deal. Just hate not knowing. :P

    I have pretty much the same setup as you except I am running the newest alpha and am using an external harddrive. This seems to work with no problems. When I was first configuring everything, there was a time when I recorded to the sdcard and it seemed to be working properly.

    Seems strange and more of a tvheadend issue than a zap2xml problem. Next time it comes up blank, check and see what the update time is on the xmltv.xml file. That way you can narrow down if there is an issue with the file being generated - or of there is an issue with tvheadend holding your configuration. It would also help to post your hardware setup.

    There has been an issue that I've read about with the epg in kodi going blank - but you mention that the epg in tvh is blank and that the epg source fields have gone blank as well. That I have not seen - but may be worth posting in the tvheadend forum.

    I agree that it seems that it seems to be a tvheadend issue. I first noticed it in Kodi when my guide came up blank. However, when I started looking deeper I saw that the tvheadend fields were blank.