tvheadend, ATSC and epg...

  • I may have spoken too soon. If I look at my xml file it is filled. Looking at the EPG Source on the Channel tab, only one station appears. The others that are in the xml file do not show. Any thoughts ?

  • The xmltv.xml file looks good. Have you tried rebooting?

    Actually - when you say only 1 channel shows up - do you mean that's what you see when you look at the page or that's what you see when you double click the epg source column for the channel and try to set the source from the drop down?

  • Thank you esenterre for discovering an issue with missing episodes!

    It seems if the episode didn't have a title - it wasn't showing up in tvheadend (and therefore kodi)

    This update should fix that issue:

    Release zap2epg · edit4ever/script.module.zap2epg · GitHub


  • When I look at Configuration\Channel / EPG\Channels\, ALL channels are pointed to correct EPG Source (#####.zap2epg)

    If I look at the Electronic Program Guide tab, I only see programs listed for channel 50.1 which is 24115 in the xml file and 50.1 programs are all that show up in the program guide in Kodi.

  • The log shgows all the errors for the icons - so that could be messing things up. Can you try updating to the 0.3.3 version and then rerun the grabber?

    Release zap2epg · edit4ever/script.module.zap2epg · GitHub


    BTW - esenterre - I don't think the blank title completely solved the issue as I still have missing episodes. I'm trying to track it down but it's strange as the same episode is missing at one time slot but showing at it's other time slot. It's the same data for the episode - just a different start time, so I'm not sure what's happening yet - it seems the data for the missing time is not is not even being written to the schedule dictionary. I'm probably going to give it 24 hours with the new code to see if it cleans up.

  • I think that did it. I will let you know for sure tomorrow evening. However, it looks like it is starting to show everything. Thanks.

  • For now, I added zap2xml as a backup. And it works fine. You know, wife doesn't want to miss a program! :)
    I'll maybe try it during the day, Wednesday probably...

  • OK - I know what the issue with missing episodes is...but I will need to work on it later today - hopefully I have a fix for you by this evening (Pacific time).

    Looks like by using the episode TMSID as the dictionary key - the duplicate key names for multiple airings was messing some of it up - so I have to rework the dictionary structure a bit. No big deal - just need to fix how extra details handles the episode list as well.

    I'll be back soon!

  • OK - the fix was quicker than expected (maybe I'm getting better at understanding python!)

    Here it is:

    Release zap2epg · edit4ever/script.module.zap2epg · GitHub

    This should fix the missing episodes in your guides. As usual - please let me know if you have any issues with this. Thanks!

  • It looks like that last version fixed the missing episodes issue.

    I'm thinking there may be a problem with downloading the extra details. I am setting the number of days to download to 1.

    When I try to run zap2epg from within Kodi it just sits there and spins. Maybe I'm not being patient enough. However, I have waited at least 5 minutes and nothing ever happened. I have tried this several times.

  • The very first time you run extra details - it can take a long time. The issue is that some of the episode data on the server is missing and the system times out. However, I have it built to retry 3 times per failed episode before moving on - this can add up to a minute in time for that one episode.

    This type of delay only happens on the first download of the extra details - so likely need to be patient. You can monitor the progress by watching the size of the zap2epg.log file. You'll see it increase each time it works on a new episode.

    Just let it go for 10 minutes or so now - and watch the log if you think it's stuck.

    BTW - I'm getting ready to post another update - this one has an option to change the genre information as some people don't like to have the colored epg display that happens in Estuary when there is genre data. I have a new setting that includes None/Simple/Full. Should have that ready in the next few minutes!

  • Excellent as always and I'll thank you again. New installation today that worked smoothly (yes, initial run takes some time) and I very much like the colors/series icons. I'd noticed in 0.3.1 that you'd added station/channel icons, and I see in 0.3.5 XML file the web addresses. But how do these import?

  • OK - here's an update with a new addition - genre information options!

    Some people want to have a colored EPG. In many Kodi skins - if there is genre information included, the epg will colorize based on the genre. Right now there is a big discrepancy between the DVB listings format in tvheadend/kodi and what is used in North America. As a result, tvheadend includes some scraping ability to map some of the genres and I've included additional ones in zap2epg to colorize as much as possible based on the original DVB category assignments. I've called this option "Full".

    However, some people don't want colorized listings and want a "clean" EPG. Estuary (default Kodi 17 skin) does not include an option to disable the EPG color, so I've done the next best thing. Given you an option in zap2epg to disable the genre information. While this will obviously leave the genre listing blank in the EPG - it also means there won't be any colors. I've called this option "None".

    I've also included an in between option where the only colors that happen are for Movies, News, Children, Sports and all other shows types are colored the same. This makes for a "cleaner" colorization as only a few major genre types are used. I've called this option "Simple".

    You will find this new option in the zap2epg configuration settings. Please note that you will likely need to reboot after upgrading in order to see the new setting. (that's a Kodi thing)

    If you're ready to try it - here you go!

    Release zap2epg · edit4ever/script.module.zap2epg · GitHub


  • pvchandler - for the station logos, if you don't have any other logo setup for channels, just make sure the "update channel icons" option is enabled on the tvheadend EPG Grabber tab. Then you will need to run the grabber and when it's done, reboot. That should refresh the channel icons for you.