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    Are you using the pihole addon or the docker commands?

    I'm using the add-on. I don't know Docker too much. But I can try the commands if it's the way to go. My concern was those commands (in this thread) seems for the RPi. I don't know how to change it for X86.

    LibreELEC 9.0 on x86

    I tried to install Pi-Hole and it worked the 1st time (I was able to access the web ui).
    The I rebooted the machine and it didn't start. I tried to uninstall PiHole and Docker and reinstall them.

    No luck.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    CvH : Build: 4.2.6-7 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.113 (2018-05-28T09:15:07+0100) I just use what LibreELEC release. Is 4.3 alot better ? Can I "easily" upgrade to it ?

    edit4ever : No worries. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. So you're probably right. But can I do something (copy a file, or whatever) to help you with this issue whenever it'll happens ? (Right now it seems to be fine).


    Since a few weeks, sometimes in the EPG there are empty schedules somewhere in the middle of the EPG.
    "Zip code" used : h2z1r1

    I don't know what to do to find the problem. Otherwise, the rest is fine. It seems that it often happens around 8pm, again I don't know why.



    LE 8.2.4

    It's probably more a Linux question than a LE question.
    I installed LE on a PC, with a 1TB disk. Works fine.
    I added another disk of 1TB ; /sda/

    Can I use it to kinda "expand" /storage to have more space ?

    If someone can point in the direction of a tutorial, something I can start with that'll be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,



    I went into tab "CONFIGURATION -> CHANNEL/EPG -> CHANNELS". There I added the EPG source zap2epg to the channels that didn't had it already. It took awhile, but this morning every channels have nice EPG data.

    Thanks again for your quick and super useful support! Your work is awesome ! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


    Ok, I probably messed up something. Not all channels have EPG data (hopefully the ones that I really use are there) show on the Guide.

    I configured the addon with "Zip Code" and all the channels that I wanted. When I run the script from Kodi it tells me that everything has been downloaded correctly, but I still don't see them.

    In TVH backend I can see that there's still some zap2xml config laying around.

    Is there a way to safely start from scratch ?

    LE : 8.2.1

    Zap2EPG : 0.6.3

    I'm at the same point as you. The best "setup instructions" I found so far were yours. :)
    Did you manage to make it works ?

    Thanks again for all who have provided feedback! I'm one step closer to building an affordable and simple to install DVR setup. My next step will be to combine my different addons and create a simple DVR setup wizard that will install/enable the necessary addons, scan channels and add lineup & epg data. :)

    Sounds promising! I'll continue to check your work! Nice stuff! Thanks for your work!

    Thanks for your reply edit4ever!

    For using a zipcode from Montreal, that's perfectly fine with me! I didn't try, believing it was all the same for all canadians zipcodes.

    Now, I have another problem. It's even bigger for me. Looks like I don't get ALL the programmes in my EPG. I did a small screenshot to show you : 2017-11-13_0825

    Can't be really sure about what's happening. Looked at the xmltv.xml file and saw some accentuated characters that looks scrambled in the missing programmes. You may have to encode them before writing them to the file. (in zap2xml Windows version I know there is a commandline "-e" or "-E" that you can use to do that)....

    I tried zap2epg, the latest version. It works fine now.

    But there was a feature that I liked most on zap2xml, we could use username/password for our account on zap2it service. That was useful to me because I could add channels from different lineups to my favourites.

    Because from where I am, I catch Canadians and Americans channels.

    Not a very big deal for now I would say. But if you could bring back the option to use zap2it account favorites, that would be useful to me.

    Ok. I think that looking at the debug.txt file of TVH I found the problematic piece. Looks like zap2xml addon is working hard, very hard. While the EPG is working fine, there's something in background that is not working fine.

    Last 1000 lines of debug.txt : HSiS

    I'll try to contact edit4ever, the author of this script.

    Thanks to pointing the noob in the right direction! :)

    I just checked the debut file. That alone is fck huge. It's more than 1 GB. :D Can this alone be a problem ? Can I delete those debug files ?

    From the web interface (port 9981) I can see this version : Version: 4.2.3-20 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.112 (2017-08-22T05:55:36+0100)

    And here is my journalctl : WFCb

    Debug there was already activated. I can look at the log, but I don't know what to look for :)

    Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!