LE 8.2.0 :: CPU Usage :: TVH 100%

  • Hi!

    LIbreELEC 8.2.0 on AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor

    I basically use this computer as a headless computer.
    TVs around the house use "Android Boxes" with Kodi to stream from TVH.

    When I SSH to LibreELEC and look at "top" command I get something like this :


    Is it normal that TVH is at 100% (on one of the 4 cores I suppose) ? When I took this screenshot there was no streaming. The box was virtually doing "nothing".

    I'm asking because today I got some slowdown, and that's the 1st thing that bring my attention. Maybe there's some overheating at some point when I start to stream content.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


  • On my RPi3 it normally runs at > 1% so something is wrong.

    Check disk space "df -h" and "journalctl" to see if anything is amiss (Especially multiple ntp requests)

  • Hi Iridium!

    I don't know exactly what is the loop device, but it's full. Here is my "df -h" outpuyt.

    sda being and old NTFS drive with Windows7 on it. Still using it for some old TV series still not watched.

    As for the "journalctl" I didn't see multiple NTP requests or anything, from my noob's point of view, very strange.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Files sizes are Ok.

    Have you upgraded to TVHeadend 4.2? See Thread under !! TVHEADEND CHANGES !!

    If so post url of journalctl|paste

    Also set debug in tvheadend -> configuration -> debugging and see if anything shows up there.

  • From the web interface (port 9981) I can see this version : Version: 4.2.3-20 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.112 (2017-08-22T05:55:36+0100)

    And here is my journalctl : WFCb

    Debug there was already activated. I can look at the log, but I don't know what to look for :-)

    Thanks again! Greatly appreciated!

  • I just checked the debut file. That alone is fck huge. It's more than 1 GB. :-D Can this alone be a problem ? Can I delete those debug files ?

  • Ok. I think that looking at the debug.txt file of TVH I found the problematic piece. Looks like zap2xml addon is working hard, very hard. While the EPG is working fine, there's something in background that is not working fine.

    Last 1000 lines of debug.txt : HSiS

    I'll try to contact edit4ever, the author of this script.

    Thanks to pointing the noob in the right direction! :-)

  • I would turn off tvheadend debug and see if that resolves the problem, writing all that data could cause high cpu usage.

    I would also restart tvheadend or reboot, just to check.

    I can't see any reason to keep them all (Save the last three just in case).