Options for PVR backend in LE8

  • I have an intel x86 based dual core PC w/ onboard mesa G45 graphics, haupppage 1250 PCIe ATSC tuner, and LE8 running only.
    I just got the card last week and have spent hours f* with tvheadend.
    It works bu the issues I have are the video play back is sluggish since hardware decod doesnt work for ffmpeg2 for me. I have tried all sorts of video settings but playback sucks.

    My set up has been working flawless for 2 yrs playing any stream I throw at it and all local media

    Is there any other options someone could suggest for a backend? I only saw tvheadend as the option in LE repo for ATSC.
    Any guidance, suggestions, guides, links.... All is appreciated as I am frustrated at 1am : )

  • I have a Cubox-i4x4 running LibreELEC. When I tried attaching a USB tuner and using tvheadend in LibreELEC on the Cubox, my playback was also sluggish. It was not watchable. Tvheadend itself was perfect but Cubox could not keep up with doing the tuning and the playback.

    So I bought an Odroid XU4 and installed a server Linux image without graphics (Debian Jessie) and then compiled and installed Tvheadend on that machine. I have a network tuner that is located on the same router as Tvheadend machine. Now my Cubox works perfectly with live TV and I have no playback issues. I also use time shifting and recording.

    My point is that maybe your machine can't handle both tuning and playback at the same time. Tvheadend is great but if the machine doesn't have the processing power then your playback will be sluggish. My suggestion is to still use Tvheadend as the backend but move it to a separate machine.