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    I have an older PC that I was running LE 7.03. Working fine but wanted to update.... But now I'm stuck

    Apparently the graphics driver not supported - I know its old and but for playing old episodes of modern family and crap for the wife its fine.

    Now my flash i put the backup on is busted and I cant load the old aeon nox menu back up...she is pissed... Why did you have to go messing with it? ... Because it was way out of date LOL

    I did the upgrade from with in setting to 8.02 But I getting:

    A Start Job is running for xorg.service and then it times out to

    [Failed] Failed to start xorg.service


    [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Fluxbox Window Manager

    I tried a fresh clean install... Same thing

    Think its the graphic card support... But worked fine on 7.03 so would support just end?

    I went back and did fresh install of 7.03. Booted fine...

    Any suggestions? Direction? Or at least where can I get an install image for the old build?

    SPECS: (yes I know the pc is old but hell it worked before...)

    GPU: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430/integrated/SSE2

    AMD Sempron LE-1250 1Ghz 4GB Memory

    I have an intel x86 based dual core PC w/ onboard mesa G45 graphics, haupppage 1250 PCIe ATSC tuner, and LE8 running only.
    I just got the card last week and have spent hours f* with tvheadend.
    It works bu the issues I have are the video play back is sluggish since hardware decod doesnt work for ffmpeg2 for me. I have tried all sorts of video settings but playback sucks.

    My set up has been working flawless for 2 yrs playing any stream I throw at it and all local media

    Is there any other options someone could suggest for a backend? I only saw tvheadend as the option in LE repo for ATSC.
    Any guidance, suggestions, guides, links.... All is appreciated as I am frustrated at 1am : )

    I have an old PC (latest libreelec, Kodi 17 and TvHeadend 4.2 with internal PCIe DVB-Card) and it handles DVB-S/S2 pretty well. No experiences with android boxes or Rpi.

    What PCIe card are you using?

    I have an old PC that runs like a champ and been debating about card to get for it. Trying the wetek but about to give up on andriod boxes. Just a general pain in a arse.

    DAMN!!! That is some exceptional service. You are true asset to the community. I wish I had more time to learn and contribute. But just enough to be a user : )
    I hope this can help others with a Frankenstein Kodi setup like me

    Thanks so much and I will report back on the #0214 build.
    It works! The milhouse build did work for the streamzap. Great work.

    However now I'm stuck as I love to use Aeon Nox Silvo Mod skin and its only up to Krypton.
    Do you think this could get merged into the LE 8 release? I'm not nearly familiar enough to submit something through github or however you do it...

    It did fix the problem but now I'm too advanced. I would honestly prefer a stable release as this is my wife's little set up too. And Aeon Nox Silvo allows me to make kodi wife friendly...

    Could you please test if Milhouse build #0213 fixes your issue? It includes the v4l-utils/ir-keytable update
    LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)

    so long,


    Thank you for reply and help.
    Updating to latest Millhouse #0213x did not help. Streamzap still unrepsonive. PC still not picking up any activinty. I am not sure if toggling the Enable Lirc setting changes things but tried that with no change.
    No dice. Not working.
    Any suggestions? I saw millhouse included the fix in github comments. Is there another setting I should mess with? It has been working for 2years so I can't remember what all I did to get it working. I know I remapped a bunch of keys. I am reverting back to 7.0.3 for time being.

    In case they are helpful here are some logs using latest Milhouse #0213x
    IR Keytable
    Full Debug Log

    Kodi remote on ios still working fine with all updates I've tried by the way. I know thats completely different just saying.
    I went bak to 7.0.3
    If its helpful to compare here are same logs using 7.0.3 I looked at both and look the same to this untrained eye...
    The only thing I havent tried is a completely fresh install. Just would rather not if possible (and not sure what good that would do??)
    IR Keytable
    Full Debug Log

    My streamzap USB IR receiver is not working after updates.
    I tried to update LE from 7.0.3 to 7.95.2 Not working and then 7.0.3 to 7.95.3
    I went back to my back up of 7.0.3 after and all working fine.

    When this happened my remote quite working. I set this remote up a long time ago and have went from OE w/ Kodi 15 to now with out issue (at least w/ remote)...

    Using a Streamzap USB IR receiver w/ a Harmony 651 Remote
    CPU: Pentium Dual Coure CPU E5800 @ 3.2GHz
    3MB Ram
    GPU: Mesa DRI Intel 645/643

    So I am puzzled as to why it worked in 7.0.3 Fine and not either of the RC builds I've tried.
    Here are logs and stuff. If anything else can help to isolate let me know.

    Any help or direction? I have to revert back to my back up so this works for my wife tomorrow.
    Please help as I would love to be up to the Krypton! Thanks in advance for any help!!

    ir-keytable -v -a /etc/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0 2>&1There is an odd error related to streamzap at end of this report... Not remotely well versed enough to know its meaning...
    Thinking it could have to do w/ LIRC settings I disabled this function in LE settings and ran the report again. still showing LIRC as enabled even though setting is toggled off.
    Not sure what that means though...
    IR Keytable w/ LIRC toggled off

    Full Debug Log

    I had the same issue. Upgraded last night from 7.0.3 generic x86 to 7.95.2 and lost all IR functionality.
    I have an old PC w/ Pentium Dual ore and onboard Mesa DRI G45. I'm using this real cheap IR receiver called streamzap and a Logitec Harmony 651.
    When I SSH in I could see the Streamzap IR dongle recognized using DMESG but using IRW it didnt recognize my commands.
    It is odd and i just restored back to current release...
    wanted to use Kodi 17 but after hour of jacking w/ it can't figure out the issue.
    Now working perfectly fine again.

    I saw the LIRC toggle button in settings but this made no difference.
    Not sure what the solution would be?

    I GOT IT TO WORK! Thanks for the help David1977!
    The Custom EDID file worked great following the instructions for INTEL on OE wiki. I first created the firmware folder in .config folder from with the OE 6.03 build and then configured to boot w/ it after update using tar file.

    That JARVIS splash screen was AWESOME!

    So here a few things if it would help anyone out or identify what the problem is w/ build reading my EDID as I'm sure my Pioneer AVX-60 is putting one out since OE 6.03 can read it. not sure all were necessary. If something else could be helpful let me know.
    Log w/ Debug on

    I will post this at my other post on the kodi official forums as well just for anyone looking for help...

    Thanks David.
    I saw that... Was thinking of trying that but was unsure since was not getting anything at all from xrandr when connected to TV on LE6.90
    I would assume I could create the EDID from my current build then just drop the Firmware folder in new location w/ SMB and mount it to boot w/ new build like instructions say...

    Will try this tomorrow night and report back. Thanks again!

    Could I get the EDID off right now as I have OE 6.03 up and running and then code that into the LE 6.95 build. Advanced settings or config file.
    There must be a way. Going to post over at the Kodi Forum maybe get some other ideas.

    Puuuh...tbh, I'm out of ideas now. Let me sleep over it...maybe I might have an idea tomorrow.

    I guess I'm stuck w/ OE 6.03... There has to be some reason or driver support or something.
    It works like a charm so I wonder what changed??

    Any other DEVS out there w/ ideas or pointers?

    Still no dice w/ TV. I can see the DELL splash screen w/ bios/boot options but nothing else.
    I deleted the .kodi folder to fresh install OE 6.03 and then dropped the LE 6.90 .tar file in.
    I have hooked the directly into HDMI2 (the hdmi one port has the 4k ability so thought maybe the HDMI2 would make a difference, nope). The xrandr is still showing HDMI disconnected.
    I attached xrandr directly in the forum (is that ok or upload to gdrive?)
    Here is my log w/ debug logging turned on:
    Debug Log

    Let me know what you think? I would very much like to keep the HDMI feeding through my stereo if possible. I read a little about downloading the EDID from the vsx-60 but couldn't figure out exactly how or to apply it.

    Thanks again for all the help and troubleshooting this with me.

    Thanks David. I did do this. Both with LE and OE versions after they were up and running. Also with the live boot USB image before install when I wiped the hard drive.
    Didn't seem to matter.
    I have an LG 55UF6450

    Is there a way to force HDMI like on the pi. Obviously way different with bios vs config.
    Quite a pain in arse as well with tv wall mounted and the painstaking cable management i implemented. Lol.
    But to clarify i tried it in multiple HDMI ports on TV and witha couple cables.
    I tried turning HDMI control via amp on and off as well as i saw that on some post as solution.
    Quite odd that it works flawless with OE 5 through 6.03. Been running fine for couple years.
    I know the PC is getting dated...

    Not sure that is going to make a difference. I can't even get a splash screen. The HDMI is just not being detected. I was checking out xorg.conf file set up but not sure how to configure that. Tried a couple configurations but could get HDMI1 to show connected in xrandr

    I did go in and play w/ some settings on the kodi iphone remote about video acceleration (VDPAU & VAAPI) turned them off and on and rebooted and nothing made a difference. Thanks for the tip josefelix but didnt do anything.
    @ David
    You know the Live USB boo for OE 6.03 works but not OE 6.95 nor the LE 6.90
    Im sure it loads in background but no HDMI outuput. I have to believe G45 had to drop support or something... Just a thought

    Thank you very much for your response and willingness to help me out.
    I am still no closer to knowing what is causing all this headache!
    Here is a link to a google drive w/ the information you asked for.
    I deleted the .kodi folder and then I pulled the logs and xrandr and dmesg from OE 6.03.
    I then dropped the .tar file for LE 6.90 into the update folder and rebooted... No HDMI output
    I then got the xrandr, dmesg and log.
    All 6 files are in the google drive.
    Please let me know if there is anything further you need and what you think of this issue.
    Thanks again!!

    gdrive files
    Ok... So I didnt really read the difference in the xrandr but I think its obvious...
    So the OE6.03 has HDMI1 connected and the LE6.90 show HDMI1 as disconnected.
    So how do I get this to connect?
    I am not changing anything physically when I do the update.
    I also tried to reboot plugged directly into my TV and made no difference. I am plugging the HDMI inot a pioneer VSX-60 reciever.... And I see that listed under device 4 in the LE6.90 log