tvheadend, ATSC and epg...

  • ************** zap2it has released a new version of their website that breaks the current zap2xml addon. ****************

    I have released a new grabber that works with the new zap2it data.

    Releases · edit4ever/script.module.zap2epg · GitHub

    - The zap2epg addon is fully capable of replacing the zap2xml addon and is recommended for all new setups.

    I've built on FastEddy's zap2xml python script and Atrilchuk's sd2xml project to build a Kodi addon to make it easier to get epg data into tvheadend for ATSC. I'm still working on it - but I think it is far enough along for some folks to try it. This can also get data from TV Guide instead of Zap2It, just select TV Guide in the configure options.

    Latest zap2xml addon release: Releases · edit4ever/script.module.zap2xml · GitHub
    zap2xml addon source: GitHub - edit4ever/script.module.zap2xml

    I laso have created a Schedules Direct addon that allows you to configure your schedules direct lineups and channels from within kodi:

    [WIP] Schedules Direct for Tvheadend addon

    And I just released the tvh2kodi addon that gives you access to some tvheadend settings from inside kodi!!

    tvh2kodi addon - configure tvheadend from kodi interface

    Here is an older xmltv grabber I created that uses schedules direct: (the one above is better!)

    Latest schedules direct addon release: Dropbox -
    Schedules Direct addon source: GitHub - astrilchuk/sd2xmltv: A Schedules Direct to xmltv converter

    If you like my work you can buy me a coffee 

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    Requires Mechanize addon from ... 

    you got a problem with this requirement - you cant post it anywhere because you get banned
    the repo is at the kodi ban list for good reason - maybe include it directly or why not use the kodi repo version ?

  • Requires Mechanize addon from ... 

    you got a problem with this requirement - you cant post it anywhere because you get banned
    the repo is at the kodi ban list for good reason - maybe include it directly or why not use the kodi repo version ?

    Thanks for the heads up!! Will look into building it in.

  • the official kodi repo has it also - not sure if the other repo have some special version or so

    No worries - that reference was left in there from the original author's python file. The addon can call for the kodi repo version of mechanize, which I'm fixing now. However, I won't be able to test if this works on LE/OE until I get back to the US in a couple of days. I'm currently running tests on an Ubuntu VM with Tvheadend and kodi installed, which doesn't function the same as as the LE installation.

    I'll remove the references to the other repo and update the addon.xml to require the kodi mechanize addon and others can let me know if it is working.
    The github files have been updated here:

    GitHub - edit4ever/zap2xml: zap2xml in Python 2.7 for use on LibreELEC and OpenELEC systems

    For those who want to test without compiling on your own - the file is attached.

    At this point - I am unclear if this will run on a LE/OE install, so please share your results if you test. If Tvheadend gives an error when you select the tv_grab_zap2xml epg grabber - please provide the output of the zap2xml.log file. Thanks!
    I've been able to test this on a raspberry pi 3 running LE 7.0.1 and an M8S+ running OE 6.95.1 - both worked well. If you give it a try please let me know if you have any issues!

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  • Hi

    i can confirm it works - useing a chroembox with a dedicated load of LE

    quick request - could you add an option for schedules direct as the EPG source as well ?

    thnaks in advance

  • Updated the addon to fix using TVguide favorites and include program icons when available (right now only on tvguide).

    source files updated on github...or download here:

    Dropbox -

    Atsrilchuk has a schedules direct version here: GitHub - astrilchuk/sd2xmltv: A Schedules Direct to xmltv converter

    I originally was using his version - it's great with a lot of good guide info when you have an SD account!! I've attached a build if you need it.


  • edit4ever: Please consider submitting your add-on to the Kodi repo (or ours, or host your own) so it's simple for users to install and keep current.

    Definitely - I was just working on some errors before submitting. One question I have is to the format of submitting. The current structure of github is built with the file outside of the addon build folder as the original project was not intended as an addon but to be used idependently.

    Do I need to move that file into the same folder of the addon.xml file? You can see the files on my github page:

    GitHub - edit4ever/zap2xml: zap2xml in Python 2.7 for use on LibreELEC and OpenELEC systems

    Thanks for the advice - I definitely want to get it out there. :)

  • thanks for schedules direct compiled version.

    its works great and allows me to use my already paid up account.

  • Perfect work!! Work flawless in asus chromebox running libreelec (milhouse)

    The grabber show in tvheadend after configuration in the addon

    NIce Work

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking at changing the extended description option to allow the turning on/off of the different extra elements (like HD, CC, rating, etc) as well as an option to put them in the start or end of the description. If you like that idea let me know.

  • Here's an update with a delay option. If you have a large list of channels and want to download a lot of days and all the extra details and program options, chances are the Zap2it server with kick out an error and stop your xmltv file from getting made. You can try setting a delay to sleep between http requests to keep the server happy. I've set the delay in .25 second increments so you can test to see what works for you!

    Here's the link to the updated file:

    Let me know if you have any issues. I'm getting closer to submitting to the LibreELEC and OpenELEC repos but I have some work to do on getting the folders and files setup right.

  • I'm in need of some assistance, please. I'm a complete noob so bear with me. I just put together a new raspberry pi 3 box and am learning as I go. I have tried both the new Krypton Alpha build and the Jarvis build of LE and get the same results. So i'm pretty sure my inexperience is the problem.

    I have setup tvheadend 4.0 and setup zap2xml and I am pretty sure I got it working correctly. I found a video that was put together on Youtube showing how they had set it up.

    Shouldn't I now be able to see the guide information inside of Kodi? I have rebooted multiple times and checked all the options I could find (few if any) and still nothing. There may be a log file that could tell me something, however, I have no clue where to begin. Does anyone have any idea?

  • On the Tvheadend web interface...check to see that the channels (on the CONFIGURATION>CHANNEL/EPG>CHANNELS tab) have been connected to the epg source. If not, you can click in that field and you should get a dropdown of the available channels that were downloaded by the plugin. Program data will not be downloaded unless the channels are connected to the epg source.

    Also, if you open the log screen (double arrows on the bottom right of the web page) you can see if the xmltv file is being generated and channels are being downloaded. Just open that window, then you can rerun the grabber on the EPG GRABBER tab and you shold see the updates in the log screen from the plugin.

  • I will have to wait until I get home tonight to check this. I'm pretty confident it's correct. I went to every channel and pointed it to the zap2it feed.

    I am assuming that when you say "rerun the grabber" you are referring to the small button on the epg grabber tab that is labelled something like "Force Update". Correct? If the log screen is not up will I see anything happen when it is pressed? I pressed it several times last night and didn't notice anything.

    I really appreciate the help.

  • No worries...each system can sometimes be tricky to setup at first. Two things I would do first. Go to the ELECTRONIC PROGRAM GUIDE tab on the tvheadend web interface and see if there is program listing data there. If not, then the next step is to go to the EPG GRABBER MODULE tab and make sure that the zap2xml grabber is enabled and you can make sure the others are disabled.

    Also - as I am running an Rpi3 setup on LE 7.02 - I would recommend uninstalling tvheadend 4.0 and installing the 4.2 version. Once you have that up and running you can install the latest build from here:
    index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 (

    I have been running 4.1.2141 one and it works well.