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    I've been using LibreELEC for a few years now but haven't been able to get suspend/standby to work properly.

    Is there a guide or good information available anywhere? I've tried searching the forum for it but found nothing relevant. My system is normal home PC hardware.

    Last time I tried to get it working, my system would sleep but when it woke, the TV service wouldn't work. I didn't ever manage to get the "unload DVB drivers" to work correctly.

    This time, when I try to suspend the screen goes blank but the system won't sleep.

    I can get log files later if required. Was just hoping someone could point me to some good self help info for the moment. I may need help when I fail to sort it myself.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanks to your info, I managed to install escalades latest build and have tvheadend working.

    I have no idea why your build is having the issues with my system. I'm still hoping to find the solution so I can continue to update as new features appear but for now, I have to have the TV working to keep the wife & kids happy :)

    Thank you for the help.

    Thanks for that advice. I had some success last night but gave up as it was getting late.

    I installed escalades latest build and it worked as normal. I activated SSH and then updated to your latest (20180430) and was back to the same issue but at least I had SSH but even that seemed to crash after a few minutes.

    I'll try updating to your latest in a little while and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for that quick reply.

    I went ahead and tried to install your latest version but it fails to launch. I get a black screen with a mouse pointer. SMB access is working but can't get SSH or FTP access. I'm guessing Xorg configuration problem but I can't gain access to change it. I have a legacy nVidia card.

    Have you used different root passwords? I can't get a pastebin for logs but have attached logs I got from SMB. Hopefully, you can shed some light.



    I've been using an older version of escalades 8.2-20170907 as the newer ones have had various issues for me. I'm a huge fan of his builds because they are so well integrated.

    I tried to update to his latest version but couldn't get tvheadend to work, (error returned :could not connect to even though all aspects were enabled and configured correctly. I've reverted to my old version for now.

    My question is, is there anyone using tvheadend on your build or is there another viable tv addon recommended?

    I'd love to have the new Dolphin version when it becomes available and the PS2 (which I don't currently have on this build)


    In the end for me it was the graphics driver. Used to work well for me on OE6 but when I moved to LE 8 the new nVidia driver was having problems.

    You actually have to go back to an older driver. New driver only works on 900 series and later I think.

    I think you had to enter this line via SSH.

    wget -O /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/96-nvidia.rules

    escalade or anyone that may know.. Sorry If I'm not seeing this somewhere but i searched the thread, How can I add the Emulation entry from this skin(estuary) to another skin. I use Xonfluence and can't seem to add it as a home page entry....doesnt seem to be an addon and dont see it in any other category.


    XBMC.System.Exec(/usr/bin/ was entered in home screen Skin Settings but doesnt seem to launch anything and isnt actually a file in my usr/bin/emulation

    Someone created an add-on linked in this thread somewhere to help with this problem. Was quite a while back but can't remember when. Had some relation to Aeon MQ7? skin.

    Found it.

    LE8 "Remix" (Generic/RPi) Emulationstation/Chrome/Spotify PROVIDE LOGS IF PROBLEMS

    Cheers. Thanks for that.

    I ran memtest as suggested. Ran for 12 hours overnight with no error so I guess my ram is ok.

    Is there a stress test that can be run from live cd/usb?

    It's pretty stable at the moment. Freezing is very rare with the older driver (340?)

    Will see if I can catch it in a debug log if it happens again.

    Thanks for the help.


    You are a legend!

    Have had it running for at least 5 hours each day for the last couple of days with no freezing. Finally have a solution.

    Thank you so much for the help. Will keep the family off my back now.

    Never mind. Just found the info in my log file.

    Thanks for the help. Will give it a good try over the next few days and report back.

    Thanks for the advice.

    I searched for info regarding this and found a comment from Chewitt with the following content.

    wget 96-nvidia.rules -O /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/96-nvidia.rules

    Do I just run this command via SSH and that is it?

    Hey all. Don't know if anyone can shed some light on my problem.

    I used to run OE6.0.3 and it worked a treat. Was rock solid and never had a problem. I decided to update to the latest OE and found that tvheadend wasn't available so came here to LE.

    I love the development going on here. There are so many new features I love but I can't run any of these versions. Anything I have tried since OE6.0.3 gives me random video freezing. I've tried the latest stable LE 8.0.2 and the older stable v7 with the same results. The video will freeze on a frame and the audio will continue as normal. The video frame will change every 10 or so seconds. Sometimes it will happen soon after starting, other times it will run for hours before happening. I can SSH in and use "systemctl restart kodi" and it will restart and run fine again.

    Here is a link to a post with a log I had posted early on when I was new here. System lockups.

    As a test, I recently reinstalled OE6.0.3 and it works flawlessly like before so it must be something that has changed since that build causing that problem. My guess is video driver version. Could it possibly be something in the newer versions of Kodi?

    My video card is an nVidia Strix GTX 750 Ti. Do you think a new video card may solve the issues?

    Thank you for your input.

    Thanks for that explanation. I figured Kodi was separate to emulators. That is why I have the volume difference. I have my TV set to nearly maximum volume and usually run Kodi around 50% volume. I understand this is why the emulators sound is so loud.

    Installed multimedia-tools script. Did a bit or googling to figure out how to work it. Not sure what I need to do in it.

    Changing any of the volumes on the default device makes no difference. My sound goes to my TV via NVidia HDMI out. If I switch to my NVidia card, I only have SPDIF 1, 2 or 3. None of them have volume adjustments.

    I've tried to read as much info about it as I could find. There was something about changing settings somewhere but that was in arch Linux. I don't understand the implementation of this or if it is even relevant in your build.

    Can I do anything in my asound.conf to solve this? What info would you need?


    Thanks for the quick reply. Will try multimedia-tools addon later today when I get home and give that a try. Not sure it will do what I want as everything uses alsa on my system. Volume within Kodi is ok. Dolphin doesn't seem to run through Kodi. I have my TV volume set almost to maximum & control volume through LibreELEC. I set volume lower within Retroarch settings to do the same thing.

    Is there anything I can do to get Cubeb working? OpenAL cannot be made to work? From what I understood, reading your link, is that it's not shown by default but is still there. I may be wrong there. I've got no knowledge of that side.