[] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912

  • mirbg hi i have the same box like you M8S Pro, will your cable network work? if yes can you tell me the dtb.img you use? king regards Scan

  • He wrote someone that has a problem with h96pro + how can not turn on the remote control is u-boot to exchange I have a version 3g ram ddr4 and ver.3 but i ver.2.2 also come I replaced the u-bot and now it's ok.

    However, I have a problem with hdmi cec, the standard settings after turning off the box, the television turns off beautifully, but when the box is turned on, the TV does not turn on, what's worse, I have a black screen and the TV switches itself off. I must first enable the box later, which may be wrong.

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  • I have uploaded version 8.2.3 of the libreelec library. I turned off the "CEC" television and box and it turned out that kodi is not charging. If I do not turn on the TV. After switching on, I receive a welcome screen and everything is fine. No matter how long I wait for the TV to turn on. It looks like he would be waiting for a signal with the hdmi.


    in your u-boot the CEC Wake_UP is activated. There are two ways to get around this:

    1. Disable HDMI-CEC Driver in Kodi settings.

    2. Disable CEC Wake_up in the uboot.

    How to disable CEC in U-BOOT

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  • The CEC_WAKEUP Function is hard-coded in u-boot.

    You must disable this before compiling u-boot.

    See Line:


    in u-boot/board/amlogic/configs/gxm_q201_v1.h

    Disable or remove this line and recompile u-boot.

  • Hi "bumerc", I was browsing through the u-boot sources of this ghuba uboot-amlogic/gxm_q201_v1.h at master · Stane1983/uboot-amlogic · GitHub but how to compile it so that it's okay is not a clue. I have a request to you or if you have time, you would prepare an u-boat for me.

    At the weekend, when I'm back home.

    Edit: For u-boot questions please use this Thread.

    Remote power trouble

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  • Can you help me please. I have m3u playlist file with some ip tv links.

    I install simple iptv client from repository, chose where m3u file is located, but in the home menu the "TV" tab is missing.

    How can I add tv tab again it and is it enough to watch/play m3u files?

    For Andoird I use some simple iptv application and m3u file works perfect.

    I can select the m3u file from video menu, it starts, I can watch and change channels, but after few seconds

    it goes to next channel. Probably some buffer or timeout option. May be there is some way to increase this time from config file?

    Thanks in advance !

  • Every time i update Libreelec, i got this message after rebooting :

    "Filesystem corruption has been detected! prevent an automatic repair attempt continuing press any key or off your system within the 120 seconds"

    I always have to do this trick :

    Login over SSH and execute dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dtb bs=256k count=1 then dd if=/flash/dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k

    Is there a permanent fix for my Minix U9-H?


  • The majority of people who are unhappy have no useful skills for the task. The people with useful skills for the task typically have no knowledge of ARM Mali internals and thus aren't likely to succeed at the task; which makes it an unattractive challenge. The people with useful knowledge of Mali internals are all ARM employees who signed NDA's that result in dismissal for gross misconduct if they share anything. It all sounds like a right negative whinge (and it is) but finding people who are prepared to invest the time/effort in this stuff is hard; hence the lima project ran aground some time ago.

    Nevertheless Kodi now runs on open source Lima driver. Panfrost seems to pursue the same goal of running Kodi according to commit history.

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  • Lima woke from slumber about 4-5 months ago and started showing progress and we've been engaged with Yuq since - the video you've posted was created this morning by LibreELEC team member koenkooi and an equivalent LE image is my task this evening. We've also been engaged with the panfrost developers for some time and recently persuaded a couple of them to accept S912 boards so development can be done on a modern mainline kernel instead of Chromebooks that require an ageing Rockchip 4.4 codebase. We are being our usual helpful and supportive selves and Kodi support is seen as a worthwhile panfrost objective. I'm confident panfrost will be the missing piece of the long-term jigsaw puzzle we need for S912 support, but things are still at an early stage and it will be some time before panfrost code is in a mature state that's sensible to use (we did get it to show bits of the Kodi GUI tho!). I'd guess another six months is needed - the midgard/bifrost chips are mind-bogglingly more complicated (and completely different) compared to the older utgdard chips.