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    There is an open source Mesa matrix. It reads single text file from Mesa git repository and transforms it in nice matrix view. If someone creates features file in LibreELEC repository and will be kept up to date, then Mesa matrix can be easily adopted.

    After we received this good news friends would still be viable a box S912.

    Maybe to replace S905 For I do not have 4K TV yet.

    src/gallium/drivers/panfrost · master · Mesa / mesa · GitLab

    Opening up Mali T720

    Is there a point? I dumped S912 long time ago due to buggy libhubris Mali driver and got myself S905X. It runs with 4K TV just fine. Speaking about Panfrost progress: it's really nice to see what those guys achieved during such short period. If they continue their efforts and move to Bitfrost driver (as they stated before), we should be able to run Mesa on latest Amlogic hardware. Though there is one more milestone to reach to get fully open source LE on Amlogic — H.265 10-bit decoder. I would even consider a donation to this goal if there's a fundraiser.

    У меня х96макс 4/32. Последняя сборка от 05.24 не началась. Запущен с заменой dtb от 05.12. Звук есть, но только 2.0. AV-ресивер DTS 5.1 долго не может определить, но после определения звук очень плохой. Если дорога до DD 5.1 отправляется транзитом через ресивер к телевизору - есть звук. На ресивере - звука DD 5.1 нет. Во всех этих случаях звук прерывается на короткое время, доли секунды, с интервалом 5-10 секунд. Видео имеет проблемы с перемоткой. А также кодек h265 убивает систему. Vp9 на 1080p работает хорошо, но 4k замедляется. Перезагрузка не работает, только обесточивания устройства делает перезагрузку.

    Звук пока работает только в 2.0. Транзит по идее работать не должен вообще. Видео в H.265 часто 10-битное, и это тоже не поддерживается. Сборки в этой теме только для тестов, для ежедневного использования они не подходят. В следующий раз, пожалуйста, пишите на английском. Можно переводить с помощью

    Lima woke from slumber about 4-5 months ago and started showing progress and we've been engaged with Yuq since - the video you've posted was created this morning by LibreELEC team member koenkooi and an equivalent LE image is my task this evening. We've also been engaged with the panfrost developers for some time and recently persuaded a couple of them to accept S912 boards so development can be done on a modern mainline kernel instead of Chromebooks that require an ageing Rockchip 4.4 codebase. We are being our usual helpful and supportive selves and Kodi support is seen as a worthwhile panfrost objective. I'm confident panfrost will be the missing piece of the long-term jigsaw puzzle we need for S912 support, but things are still at an early stage and it will be some time before panfrost code is in a mature state that's sensible to use (we did get it to show bits of the Kodi GUI tho!). I'd guess another six months is needed - the midgard/bifrost chips are mind-bogglingly more complicated (and completely different) compared to the older utgdard chips.

    Thank you for a detailed reply, chewitt! Can you comment on the state of Maxime Jourdan's work on Amlogic video codec? Can we expect fullfledged open source video decoder for modern formats like HEVC 10-bit in not so distant future? I'm sorry to bother you, but this information is really scarce on the Internet.

    The majority of people who are unhappy have no useful skills for the task. The people with useful skills for the task typically have no knowledge of ARM Mali internals and thus aren't likely to succeed at the task; which makes it an unattractive challenge. The people with useful knowledge of Mali internals are all ARM employees who signed NDA's that result in dismissal for gross misconduct if they share anything. It all sounds like a right negative whinge (and it is) but finding people who are prepared to invest the time/effort in this stuff is hard; hence the lima project ran aground some time ago.

    Nevertheless Kodi now runs on open source Lima driver. Panfrost seems to pursue the same goal of running Kodi according to commit history.

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    I purchased cheap programmable IR remote controller (replica of Chunghop L660) for my S905X box running LE 8.1.7 from kszaq. It works OK with one drawback: if you press any key more than 100ms it starts repeatedly sending press/release signals. As a side effect I can browse large lists in Kodi very fast, but it's pretty difficult to choose exact items on screen. As far as I understand S905X uses proprietary IR controller driver from Amlogic (I was able to find only remotecfg source code, which has no hint on filtering fast repeating events). I would be grateful to hear if there's a known solution to this problem.

    Another related question is about Kodi: some keys (FF, RW and couple of special ones) doesn't seem to work in Kodi. Correct events for these keys can be seen in dmesg, but keymap editor addon doesn't react to them. Any idea where to look for a solution?


    d) The fully open-source "lima" driver manages to advance a decade in code maturity and provides a viable alternative driver. Considering the lima project is basically dead for the last two years; this is something I'm not optimistic about.

    It could be a successful crowdfunding project if someone dares to dive in. There is a lot of people being unhappy with closed nature of Mali drivers.

    Today was released Linux kernel 4.12 . They have more improvements including some for AMLogic.

    Is there any chance to improve compatibility with the s912 - Mali GPU ?

    Linux kernel has nothing to do with OpenGL ES drivers. AMLogic has to acquire license for Linux GPU drivers from ARM to provide those drivers to end users. Another solution is to write Mali drivers using reverse engineering but it's not an easy task.