Remote controller questions

  • I purchased cheap programmable IR remote controller (replica of Chunghop L660) for my S905X box running LE 8.1.7 from kszaq. It works OK with one drawback: if you press any key more than 100ms it starts repeatedly sending press/release signals. As a side effect I can browse large lists in Kodi very fast, but it's pretty difficult to choose exact items on screen. As far as I understand S905X uses proprietary IR controller driver from Amlogic (I was able to find only remotecfg source code, which has no hint on filtering fast repeating events). I would be grateful to hear if there's a known solution to this problem.

    Another related question is about Kodi: some keys (FF, RW and couple of special ones) doesn't seem to work in Kodi. Correct events for these keys can be seen in dmesg, but keymap editor addon doesn't react to them. Any idea where to look for a solution?

  • I found out that programmable remote controller had to be programmed only with "press" events without "release" events. It works fine now.

    The problem with FF/RW buttons is still there.