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    Mighty fine point but if that is the case then NordVPN's DNS servers are the issue then errr bummer I've been using their DNS servers though since before it was a problem that's pretty lame though if this is the case cause that means they were essentially the cause of all of this ...


    Thank you for attempting this for me today much appreciated I will have to roll my DNS servers to something else then I suppose while I update the script then roll them back interesting if it pans out to be this. As I said it worked like gold not that long ago.

    Hrmmm maybe a debug option to change DNS while downloading config files would be cool or the ability to change DNS in the program would be beneficial to all I believe.

    The only reason I am doing things this way is simple it is because I didn't want to run a second router loaded with tomato or have to log into my router and setup an openvpn every time I want to watch something on Kodi in case it may be questionable as far as copyright hard telling what people host these days for all we know we could be watching material we shouldn't be on a totally legit plugin. Then who's problem is that yours kind of lame the way things are setup legally it just all makes since to me. I may just have to consider getting an openvpn access point and just periodically update that. There are plenty of solutions and I guess my point is software is made to create solutions. Rolling DNS would be a great addition for all I have seen that question pop up a few times reading through postings and I don't believe I am the one in 40 on this issue.

    So there is my request a simple solution that will solve the nordvpn issue and make others happy in the process.

    P.S. Either way this goes I thank all that have helped I knew I was missing one small detail that slipped my mind to check thank the lord for forums and other people sharing their experience. And thank you jahutchi ! As soon as you said it I thought maybe just maybe you hit the nail on the head with this and you did.

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  • If you want to change the DNS you can do this using the LibreELEC interface already. If you think this is a DNS problem, use the existing interface to point at Google's DNS.

    If you want to change the DNS to something different once connected, use an up script. This is already supported. You can change it back with a down script if desired.

  • See second post on page 22 and the reply. I've tried this with Windows and it always reconnects for me. It may be different on other platforms tho, for sure.

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  • TBH all the poking around in LibreElec I have not figured out how to change my DNS settings but a script would be great would be cool if I could tie it into the program itself.


    Link above.

    Google is your Friend.

  • Anyone not interested feel free to ignore my journey.

    Open a NEW Thread !

    Your Journey is filling up this VPN Manager Thread. ;)

  • Yes of course ;) my apologies didn't know if etiquette was to post here or open a new thread. But thanks for the direction.

  • 4.1.6 is on the repo. If there's a break in the VPN, it'll only stop streaming media, and not local media (files, pvr)

    There's a toggle to switch this off to avoid stopping any media (but then this potentially allows a stream to continue over an unsecure connection so is enabled by default)

    Thanks for those that tested it out for me, especially jahutchi and ace310

  • Sorry if this problem/question has been posted before, I'm a total newbie and didn't read all 25 pages... :)

    Up to some time ago, my VPN worked perfectly. Now, however, while the VPN says it is connected, the system still recognizes the IP as my home IP. One of the consequences is, for example, that I can't log on to the BBC iPlayer anymore.

    I tried emptying the cache, I tried connecting do different servers in different countries, I uninstalled and re-installed VPN Manager, nothing works...

    Any ideas?

    PS I'm using Kodi on a Raspberry Pi with LibreElec

  • Get a full debug log after a reboot of it connecting.

    BBC iplayer has stopped working with my vpn but the ip you're seeing on connection shouldn't be the same

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  • Hi,

    Can someone help me. I installed the latest zip from zomboided and after I install it the OpenVPN manager is under services but it never comes up on programs add-ons so I can use the display status, disconnect or change, etc.

    Would you know why?

  • Quote

    Ricardob15 said:

    Hi, Can someone help me. I installed the latest zip from zomboided and after I install it the OpenVPN manager is under services but it never comes up on programs add-ons so I can use the display status, disconnect or change, etc. Would you know why?


    You have unknown sources enabled in the settings menu?

    If you do then you must go to addons zomboided repository then install openvpn from there.

    If you did this you may want to try and uninstall and reinstall it can be a bit flaky at times but it will show up. Once you run it once or twice it may show up as well after a reboot or something I forget the exact specific reason this happened but doing one of those things fixed the issue for me.

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  • Hi zomboided

    Great add-on thanks.

    I would like to have a display of my current vpn IP in my skin.

    Is there a function I can use in my skin to get and display the current vpn IP address.

    I know I can map a button to display a VPN info dialog but would like to have the IP permanently displayed on Bottom corner of screen.

    Thanks for any info

  • There's not, but what kind of interface would you need?

    I could easily extend the existing API. That would provide a good separation from my addon if you're planning on sharing it.

    Could easily shove a function for you to call in one of the libs modules.

    Or could use a property on the home window, but this wouldn't check to see the connection was still alive before reporting it (which may not be necessary if this is happening frequently enough via the service)