VPN Manager for OpenVPN

  • Z,

    This is an excellent add-on, thank you so much for developing it. I've been using it mainly with one VPN but I have actually have two others and have just been launching the other much less-used VPNs manually from the shell. So a quick question to be sure I understand correctly:

    I can define multiple user-defined VPNs by putting each one into its own folder under the user-definied directory and then I'll be able to have each user-defined VPN launch automatically depending upon which addon I'm using? I'd just like to be sure that this is actually possible to do with non pre-defined or commercial VPN services, I have multiple servers/VPSes running OpenVPN.

    I'm a bit unclear on this because of the following in the Wiki:

    "Under this top level directory, you'll need to create sub directories for each of the different VPN providers you want to modify. You can see the sub directories in the add-on directory (/storage/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/ for LibreELEC), and any directories in the user data directory will need to be named exactly the same." ...

    This seems to infer that I may need to use existing VPN service folder names for my additional user-defined VPNs? Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!


  • Hello all,

    i try to use VPN manager in latest libreelec kodi version. First time, the server adress from cyberghost Germany udp isn't 4-de.cg-dialup.net but 4-1-de.cg-dialup-net.Ii think most adressess for cyberghost stored are wrong. I edit the german ovpn file to the correct server, but have a ping timeout on first connection rtry. Ping on libreelec itself works

    PING 4-1-de.cg-dialup.net ( 56 data bytes

    64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=54 time=22.551 ms

    any hints?

    everything else later, everything closer never

  • The German location is fixed, you'll see notification that there are updates and you'll have to validate the connection again. All of the other locations I tried replied to a ping so I don't believe they're broken. If you do, you'll need to be specific about which ones.

  • Thx for the fast reply.

    Ive copied a few adresses from the CG Page to view

    Premium Servers Albania 4-1-al.cg-dialup.net (UDP)

    9-1-al.cg-dialup.net (TCP)

    Premium Servers Austria 4-1-at.cg-dialup.net (UDP)

    9-1-at.cg-dialup.net (TCP)

    Premium Servers Argentina 10-1-ar.cg-dialup.net (UDP)

    11-1-ar.cg-dialup.net (TCP)

    Premium Servers Australia (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN Australia (TCP)


    Standard Servers - OpenVPN Australia (UDP)


    Standard Servers - OpenVPN Australia (TCP)


    Premium Servers - Bosnia Herzigovina OpenVPN Europe (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN Europe (TCP)


    Premium Servers - Belgium OpenVPN Europe (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN Europe (TCP)


    Premium Servers - Bulgaria OpenVPN Europe (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN Europe (TCP)


    Premium Servers - Brazil OpenVPN Europe (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN USA (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN USA (TCP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN Europe (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN TEST (UDP)


    Premium Servers - OpenVPN Europe (TCP)


    The scheme is always with"-1-" in the adress. For additional countries your free to ask.


    everything else later, everything closer never

  • According to their website, Cyberghost proudly claim over 3000 servers in their pool. I've ZERO interest in maintaining all of those in an ongoing basis (I've actually zero interest in even adding them all to start with).

    The ones that are offered up in the add-on are (were) a per country server, where I think they (used to) connect to a random server within the country, which is where you see a different address from what's there.

    I think what you're telling me above is a subset of the 3000+, where the two digits relate to the server within a given country.

    So do the existing servers work? If not, then I think it's time to remove support for Cyberghost. If they do, then that's great, and people that don't care about using random servers can carry on, and people that don't can add the subset of the 3000 they want to use via the User Defined option.

  • You need to use User Defined rather than the built in, so it'd be up to you to ensure the ovpn files you're using are correct/current and put everything in the User Defined directory.

    See 09. User Defined VPNs · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager Wiki · GitHub

    I think it tells you everything you need to know, but come back with questions if not.


    Yup, works a treat. I set it up manually and was able to validate each connection separately and have them all appear,

    One of the things that was confusing me was the fact that you can't organize different VPN connections by subdirectory under UserDefined. VPN Manager won't see them, either via the wizard nor if manually set up. The Wiki does sort of mention that, although it says that you can upload a directory full of files, which could be interpreted to imply that you could put a subdirectory under UserDefined. It might be more clear to indicate that all VPN-related files must reside within UserDefined for those of us who are a bit denser... :)

    I could go so far as to say that it might be nice if subdirectories were supported, allowing each connection to be organized within its own folder like the preset connections are (is there an editable list of those preset folders somewhere that you could add your own presets to, either within the code or within the supporting files?), which would eliminate the need for a separate name for each key and certificate file, but it works fine the way it is (if you RTFM) so I'd once again like to express my gratitude for such a handy addon. I like to turn my brain off when I turn the TV on, and being able to have different VPN connections automatically activated for different addons is a wonderful thing, with no ssh sessions required, and that's before you even mention important matters like Wife Acceptance Factor.

    Thank You!

    - Phil

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  • The file/directory problem appears to be a Kodi issue, not an addon issue. Maybe it's better with 18, I've not tested.

    Yes, I could support sub directories for the add, but the reality is you should just be doing this once, so equally the user can copy everything into one directory and add all at once so I'm not seeing this as something really worth spending effort on.

    You can't change the directory names, especially the user defined one as it'll stop working. Maybe I'd do this differently if I wrote it again, but it's embedded into the code now.

  • Does this addon support connection INTO the libreelec from outside of WAN? Im not interested in connecting from libreeelc to commercial vpn servers. That's not what I want to do. I need to be able to connect from my laptop remotely (through internet) into libreelec instance on my home server. Is that possible with this addon? If so can you point me to a tutorial/manual? Thanks

  • I use your plugin on W10 and LE. There are no problems with W10.
    With LE, I'm trying to use the potential Zomboided DNS fix. The problem is similar to post 798:

    Sat Mar 2 20:16:48 2019 us=236905 /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.vpn.manager/update-resolv-conf.sh tun0 1500 1558 init

    /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.vpn.manager/update-resolv-conf.sh: line 66: syntax error: bad substitution

    Sat Mar 2 20:16:48 2019 us=261517 WARNING: Failed running command (--up/--down): external program exited with error status: 2

    Sat Mar 2 20:16:48 2019 us=261564 Exiting due to fatal error

    Understand. that the problem is most likely not to be solved. Just draw your attention.
    Thanks for the great plugin

  • Is it possible to when using the automated VPN connection(not user defined) when selecting a connection to select a specific server?

    In the past that was possible, now you have to choose a country and it connects to the best server available.

    But I would like to choose which server to connect to.

  • The information presented is what the provider chooses to make available.

    For *some* providers you can switch between the profile name and the server name. For others, you can't.

    If you have specific servers you want to use and the provider only makes automatic country names available then it's up to you to work out what those servers and and use the user defined option to make those selectable for you.

  • I run libreelec on RPi3. When openvpn connects sometimes the pop-up window is green and sometimes it's blue. What do the different colors mean?


  • When it's blue the text that's displayed tells you that an update is available.

    So it means the VPN provider you're using has been updated which you can choose to ignore if you're ok with the location(s) you're using

    It's a hommage to the bug in Street Fighter II that occasionally made a fireball turn red.

  • Thanks, the pop-up passed by quickly I didn't notice the message. Now I know, I did see that it mentioned "update available"

    Thanks for the add-on!

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  • Hi, I'm on latest libreelec 9.1, I can successfully connect to my vpn provider but I'm trying to exclude VPN when using Netflix addon. I added the addon to exceptions but doesn't work maybe isn't fast enough to kill the vpn... Would be nice a mode in the addon which will let you to enable the vpn only on specified addons while keeping it disabled for every else.

  • You can do this by not connecting on boot and filtering the addons you want. When you’re not running those addons, it’ll return to the default state of not connected