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    You need to use User Defined rather than the built in, so it'd be up to you to ensure the ovpn files you're using are correct/current and put everything in the User Defined directory.

    See 09. User Defined VPNs · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager Wiki · GitHub

    I think it tells you everything you need to know, but come back with questions if not.


    Yup, works a treat. I set it up manually and was able to validate each connection separately and have them all appear,

    One of the things that was confusing me was the fact that you can't organize different VPN connections by subdirectory under UserDefined. VPN Manager won't see them, either via the wizard nor if manually set up. The Wiki does sort of mention that, although it says that you can upload a directory full of files, which could be interpreted to imply that you could put a subdirectory under UserDefined. It might be more clear to indicate that all VPN-related files must reside within UserDefined for those of us who are a bit denser... :)

    I could go so far as to say that it might be nice if subdirectories were supported, allowing each connection to be organized within its own folder like the preset connections are (is there an editable list of those preset folders somewhere that you could add your own presets to, either within the code or within the supporting files?), which would eliminate the need for a separate name for each key and certificate file, but it works fine the way it is (if you RTFM) so I'd once again like to express my gratitude for such a handy addon. I like to turn my brain off when I turn the TV on, and being able to have different VPN connections automatically activated for different addons is a wonderful thing, with no ssh sessions required, and that's before you even mention important matters like Wife Acceptance Factor.

    Thank You!

    - Phil


    This is an excellent add-on, thank you so much for developing it. I've been using it mainly with one VPN but I have actually have two others and have just been launching the other much less-used VPNs manually from the shell. So a quick question to be sure I understand correctly:

    I can define multiple user-defined VPNs by putting each one into its own folder under the user-definied directory and then I'll be able to have each user-defined VPN launch automatically depending upon which addon I'm using? I'd just like to be sure that this is actually possible to do with non pre-defined or commercial VPN services, I have multiple servers/VPSes running OpenVPN.

    I'm a bit unclear on this because of the following in the Wiki:

    "Under this top level directory, you'll need to create sub directories for each of the different VPN providers you want to modify. You can see the sub directories in the add-on directory (/storage/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/ for LibreELEC), and any directories in the user data directory will need to be named exactly the same." ...

    This seems to infer that I may need to use existing VPN service folder names for my additional user-defined VPNs? Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!



    rainbow square = not enough power (Amps)
    lightning bolt = not enough volts
    full red square = overheating

    This is different from the rainbow square which always appears in the center of the screen when (cold?) booting, correct?

    I run my Pi 3 in a Flirc case - the entire case is basically the heatsink as there is a finger molded into the case which thermally couples the FPGA/CPU with the case. Mine typically runs around 40-41 C when idle.

    - Phil

    I see that I edited my initial post instead of the reply... previous version upgraded from was LE 7.0.3, I think. It was the latest stable version 7.x for the Pi 2/3.

    I've tried removing and installing the inputstream plugins, etc. to no avail. I was very surprised to see a full version upgrade option from the GUI but I'm guessing that full version upgrades don't usually go flawlessly. If no one has any ideas I'll try doing a full reinstall and restore the configuration from backup. It seems especially strange that some streams will start to play according to the log but they won't display on screen - it can take up to 30 seconds for the focus to switch from the UI to the stream ... usually less but it has taken that long on more than one occasion (?!?).

    I should also mention that I have an advancedsettings.xml file as follows, which has helped with buffering issues in the past but shouldn't affect this issue:


    - Phil

    Thanks for looking into this.

    I was surprised as I'd never seen a migration process on Kodi before. I forget the exact wording but it said something like "Add on migration in progress...". There are references to it in the Kodi forum.

    The Retrospect add-on appears to be fine, as are "on-demand" RT titles like Keiser Report, etc. The RT Live stream is definitely a problem after the update so this may be an add-on incompatibility, hence my question about whether or not the migration process (which hung) might have fixed it.

    I also noticed that the visualizations for playing music, like the rotating FFT display, act like there is no audio going to them after the update. The display rotates but the bars do not jump, as if you were playing a silent track.

    Full debug log from when the RT Live video is started until it is stopped is at the below URL:

    The video starts out in sync but a couple of seconds in it looks like it does a fast-forward or rewind and then it's pretty far off... I'm guessing more like 5.8 or 12 seconds based on the resyncs seen in the log like the following:

    11:17:11.208 T:1961817200 DEBUG: Resolution 1920x1080 (1920x1080) @ 59.94 - Full Screen (31) not a very good match for fps 25.000 (weight: 0.199), trying 2:3 cadence
    11:17:11.208 T:1961817200 DEBUG: Resolution 1920x1080 (1920x1080) @ 59.94 - Full Screen (31) not a very good match for fps 25.000 with 2:3 cadence (weight: 0.041), choosing 60 hertz
    11:17:11.208 T:1961817200 NOTICE: Display resolution ADJUST : 1920x1080 (1920x1080) @ 60.00 - Full Screen (16) (weight: 0.200)
    11:17:11.209 T:1925182368 DEBUG: CAESinkPi:Drain delay:0ms now:0ms
    11:17:11.209 T:1925182368 DEBUG: CAESinkPi:Deinitialize
    11:17:11.209 T:1925182368 DEBUG: CAESinkPi:SetAudioProps hdmi_stream_channels 0 hdmi_channel_map 00000000
    11:17:11.209 T:1961817200 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: OnLostDisplay received
    11:17:11.239 T:1484305312 DEBUG: CVideoPlayer::CheckContinuity - resync backward :2, prev:5919999.999998, curr:119999.999995, diff:-5800000.000003

    I tried it again (not logged here) and it settled in around 1 second off... I'm not sure if it did the same thing and got that close to being back in sync during the fully logged attempt above. If I come up with any additional info that seems like it might be useful I'll post it here.

    Again thanks,

    - Phil

    Hi all,

    First, let me give thanks to the devs and everyone involved for such an incredible open-source media center - it has changed the way we watch TV and opened our eyes to content we didn't even know existed. Thank you!

    After upgrading to LE 8.0.1 the migration process hung on the MythTV addon, presumably since I didn't have the back-end fully set up yet. Is there a way to restart this wizard from the shell when logged in via SSH? e.g. kodi --migrate... Would it help the issue below?

    After the update, there are a couple of interesting things that happen now. When starting a live stream, the UI will show that the stream started and is playing at the top of the screen and kodi.log will show that playback has started but the display won't switch to the stream for a few seconds. When viewing an RT live stream for example, it will exhibit this behavior and then the video will start/stutter and be in sync for a couple of seconds, then it will sort of skip and fast-forward for a second or two and be out of sync. I've played with various combinations of syncing audio via PLL adjust, syncing refresh at start/stop, etc. to no avail.

    This also appears to affect the Retrospect addon, although I think it eventually syncs up... need to play with it a bit more to see exactly how that behaves.

    Is this a known issue? Does the RT addon need to be updated or would the Kodi migration wizard solve this problem if it's allowed to run?

    Thanks again,

    - Phil

    Edit PS: previous version was LibreElec 7.03? I can't find it in the downloads section anymore but it was the latest 7.x version for the Pi 2/3.