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    No joy;(. I tried


    tExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 50

    and it seems as if web client was indeed delayed, as you cannot access it for first 50 seconds. But when you navigate to plugins>services (within first 50 seconds;)) the qbittorrent service is shown as active;( even though you can't access it from webui. Of course all files were broken after restart;( Tried on rtorrent - same.

    thoradia what you think about this issue and januszmirek issue too? You think is related with the torrent client and not with your add-ons?

    If yes where is the file settings.json of Transmission, maybe there I can change the folder (I searched but don't finded).

    In my case, rtorrent stores default save path correctly even after restart. But I had to modify rtorrent.rc file for this to work. No json file edit was needed in my case.

    On another note and sadly enough, I tried today qbittorrent and issue of rechcking/rehasking files persists with qbittorrent as well;(

    Again, I'm starting to believe that this is actually libreelec issue and in which order it mounts the external drives vs starting services. This is another service after deluge, rtorrent and transmission that acts exactly the same after restart. Of course, if a service is stopped manually and libreelec is restarted, everything is fine;(

    Also, note this: with say around 50 torrents active, after the reboot, only about 20 return rehash error whilst the rest is seeding ok. That would further point towards issue with timing. It appears as if only some of the files were checked (and returned as missing) seconds after the reboot (when drive was not yet mounted), and then as soon as external usb drive is mounted (a few seconds later), the rest of files returns positive check and torrents are being seeded with no errors.

    If someone could provide some hints on how to delay particular service start I could play with it and report back with findings. I don't believe every single tested torrent client has the same problem.

    Does this addon support connection INTO the libreelec from outside of WAN? Im not interested in connecting from libreeelc to commercial vpn servers. That's not what I want to do. I need to be able to connect from my laptop remotely (through internet) into libreelec instance on my home server. Is that possible with this addon? If so can you point me to a tutorial/manual? Thanks

    I use version of Emby server. Plugin was installed and configured with zero problems. However playing content off of the server even locally is another story.

    Every attempt to fast forward, skip, or jump in any part of the file results in black screen. No freeze, but the file is not... browsable if you know what i mean.

    It is really weird as everything else works with no issues whatsoever and I never experienced it in the past running emby server on Win10. Anyone have an idea what is causing this issue? FYI, it is same playing files locally and remotely.

    yeah, it seems the problem with rtorrent occurs when rtorrent service shutdown is enforcecd by system and not by user (weird!). If its manually enforced by any of the below, it's fine:

    systemctl stop service.rtorrent.service

    systemctl start service.rtorrent.service

    systemctl restart service.rtorrent.service

    januszmirek sorry, but I don't understand this part: you reboot only rtorrent service, after you recheck the downloads manually, and the issue still persist?

    1. rtorrent service was stopped using systemctl stop service.rtorrent.service

    2. libreelec was rebooted using reboot now

    3. after system reboot, rtorrent service was working (without manual restart) and all current (seeded) torrents, currently downloading and other were fine without any issue

    That's how it works in my case. If I only knew how to enforce shutting down the rtorrent service BEFORE rebooot/shutdown command is executed, the problem could be solved.

    Try reboot only rtorrent and deluge (after the external storage has been mounted) and see if it still happening

    systemctl restart service.rtorrent.service or systemctl restart service.deluge.service

    Hmm, yes, checked this. Even local drive still requires rechecking after a reboot. Interestingly enough, if you manually stop the torrents before rebooting and manually restart after reboot, all works fine, and torrents don't require recheck. If that's the case t hen as a workaround, a script that would automatically stop rtorrent service before rebooting and restart if after, could work.

    Actually, I did stop the rtorrent service before rebooting, and it worked! I didn't even need to restart the service after reboot as it started automatically (not sure why). So if it would be possible add script as described above, it could be a solution to our issue;)

    External storage storage/var/media/Seagate Backup Plus/Kodi/Downloads

    No wonder it did not work. You changed location to external drive so the same issue is expected to occur in this case. Try changing to internal storage, something like storage/tvshows/, etc. That should work. If it does, time delay could definitely be an option.

    This problem is not related to startup time. I changed the download folder and reboot only this service, after everything was set up, and the problem persisted.

    To what location exactly did you change the download folder to? Internal storage?

    Putting a time to start the transmission would not solve your problems? so it would start after the disk is mounted

    it probably would but I don't know how and where to configure it for rtorrent;) Is is as simple as adding file with 'sleep xx' line in it? If so where do I save this file? It would be also great to have some fail safe mechanism enabled that would not cause this error if a usb drive is disconnected for example. Basically is there an option outside of rechecking all torrents (it takes about 12hrs on my machine!:)) that would prevent from generating that error?


    first of all fantastic work with the addons, keep up the good work!;)

    I read entire thread trying to find a solution for this issue. I use rtorrent, but honestly this issue is with all torrent addons. I use external USB drive as a destination for my torrent files. I have linked the /storage using ln command and downloading works like a charm. The issue is every time I restart libreeelc, all seeded torrents change status to Pause (under rtorrent) or Error (under deluge).

    I believe this issue occurred in the past in other kodi os, but I don't recall how it was addressed back then. From memory it was because deluge/rtorrent service launched BEFORE usb drive was mounted. As a result the torrent service didn't 'see' the drive for a first few seconds after reboot and therefore changed status of all torrents to pause/error. The only solution is to re-check all files which takes ages and needs to be done manually;(

    If you could help me out how to enforce mounting the usb drive BEFORE starting up kodi, I believe that should do it;) Alternatively, if there is a way to delay launch of rtorrent by say 30 seconds, that could work too... I guess.

    Many thanks for help;)