VPN Manager for OpenVPN

  • I suspect this is a client issue. But if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated? (same client OVPN as my post above)

    1. ip route add via
    2. ip: RTNETLINK answers: File exists
    3. ERROR: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 2

    I don't have server admin permissions.

    Have tried manually deleting/adding the route manually.

    I appreciate this isn't one of the selected pre-programmed VPN providers, and I have contacted the provider for assistance, same file works ok on my iPhone OpenVPN app.

  • Feature Request: Wouldt be nice to have multiple "User defined" settings renamed by user

    Not gonna happen as it's such a limited use case. You can have multiple providers active in User Defined anyway, and call the different profiles/locations whatever you want.

  • Any thoughts on this? Supplier seems to think it's something to do with multiple interfaces.

    I am using my NUC wired (was previously WIFI), I have disabled the wifi interface, but it's not made any difference.

  • My google-fu is clearly not up to spec :)

    I have however tried many things that I did find.

    Including switching ip address range (limited to 192.168.x.x unfortunately due to a dog**** isp provided router). Lots of google responses pointed at local and VPN network IP conflicts.

    I have done a fresh install of librelec and ran the OVPN file from command line and it still fails, I have other providers that work, and others that do the same thing. I have tried identical OVPN file on iOS on the same network and it works fine.

    I suspect that the difference on Libreelec is related to TAP/TUP, but we are getting into specifics of OpenVPN not VPN Manager.

    I have sorted a trial out for IBVPN which is working, so I might just have to put my hand in my pocket and stump up for a year, a shame as ghostpath is provided free with another service I pay for.

  • Hello I have a problem with zomboided openvpn on kodi libreelec (rapsberry).

    my vpn is hidemyass and when i log in i have no more debit.

    here is the log if someone can help me?

  • It was trying to output a character to the log that couldn't print. It had nothing to do with the connection which showed success in connecting

  • Has anything changed in his add on, mine has been fine for quite some time now, with PIA, and now there are constant VPN disconnect and reconnections?

    I will see if i can get a log later tonight, but last time this happened an update to the addon sorted it out.

  • PIA haven't changed anything, and I've not changed the addon in some time. I've not noticed disconnects on my kodi boxes but I have seen semi-frequent disconnects using their windows app over the last couple months whereas it used to be a lot more solid for me.

  • thanks zomboided, i used Kodi for hours last night at no disconnect, must have been a dodgy time yesterday afternoon with PIA playing up

  • Hi zomboided

    Hope you can help.

    Having problems connecting to VPNArea servers. I get errors with DNS or other network problem ..

    Also sometimes OpenVPN says its connected but no IP or location.. Many reboots, re-installs of addon and even reinstalled LibreELEC on different sd card ( in case other card is somehow corrupted) All I can think of there is an issue with addon and new LibreELEC version please see attached log , Many thanks!

  • It's a problem with beta releases of Kodi not working and loading/saving settings.

    Nothing I can do to fix it unless you replicate the problem on Kodi 17

  • Just reinstalled on stable KODI 18 and 17.. still cannot connect to VPN.. been on VPNArea support butthey can't help..

    I can connect using Widows and Android devices but no luck on Raspberry Pi running LibreELEC.. everything was working great few days ago..

    here is log from Kodi 17, no idea whats going on.. no other hardware (router) or software changes..

    Any advice much appreciated, Many thanks!

  • This log is from Kodi 16, from December 2016, which has an older level of openvpn in it to what's supported now. And you're using version 4.2.0 of my addon from 2017. There have been 100s of changes since that level of code was released. I don't wanna appear to be an asshat, but I'm not debugging code from the olden days. A recent 8.x LibreELEC with Kodi 17 and 5.0.7 of my addon either from the repository or downloaded as a released package from GitHub is your starting point.

    Also, you're using the User Defined profile. This means that you supplied and uploaded the ovpn files which I'm definitely not about to start debugging for you. I have no idea what's in those ovpn files or how you've set things up - the reason that the User Defined stuff exists is for people that know what they're doing and can debug their own issues.

    Regardless, for VPNarea, there's built in support, so I don't know why you're not using that. It does look slightly out of date, but you're not using it so I'm not going to update it, and nobody else that uses it (if there is anyone) is telling me it's broken either.

    All that said, I'd guess at you not having DNS connectivity from the log. There's a lot of stuff written about that on the GitHub wiki in Trouble Shooting. If you try that and fail, then you can follow the advice about creating a VPN via the command line and asking VPNarea what's wrong.