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    I understand being far away from the router will come at a performance cost, but i have had this particular setup for about 3 years now!

    i switched to a different channel which has helped a bit - the larger files still struggle (which they never did before) so will keep playing around with it.

    Before this version of LE i used to be able to toggle an info panel in the top left of the screen which told me how much data was being buffered. cant seem to get that anymore which may be of interest?

    I have a RPIP3B+ in my living room connected via USD to an external HD. This hosts all of my movies.

    I have another RPI 3B+ in my bedroom upstairs connected to the network wirelessly.

    I have played movies in my bedroom for the last few years flawlessly, even large (4gb+) movies with no issue.

    Lately however i cant get anything to stream other than really low bitrate smaller videos (TV shows for example) - anything vaguely sizeable and it needs to buffer constantly and is unwatchable.

    I connect to my RP downstairs via SMB (cannot for the life of me get any other way to connect to work, (NFS for example)) and i have, as of last night reset my Libreelec and started again to see if that does not.

    I have tried amending the video cache as well by making an advancedsettings.xml but that makes not a jot of difference.

    any ideas?

    PS - both my pis are on the latest stable version of LE.

    Sorry no idea what's wrong with that besides a network might need to post a log for that..all working fine here..

    Cores can be downloaded as a full package from Retroarch addon settings or can be downloaded/updated individually from the Retroarch UI..

    If you wish to try to download manually and try to run your roms before you solve the downloading issue, you can download from here the cores you need..



    thanks, dont know how it can be a network issue - i can stream videos on Kodi and surf the net just fine.

    Anyway where should i place the cores (running a RPI3B+) when i download them from your link provided?

    After updating my version 9 to 9.01 on both my rpi3b+ they both have the same problem. When trying to open the libreelec settings I get the error

    "Settings add-on is not ready yet, try again later"

    This has been days now. Rebooted many times too

    Has anything changed in his add on, mine has been fine for quite some time now, with PIA, and now there are constant VPN disconnect and reconnections?

    I will see if i can get a log later tonight, but last time this happened an update to the addon sorted it out.

    I am currently running the latest stable version of Libreelec on my RPI3B+ and have done so for many years now. I have all sorts of repos installed but mainly use my Kodi to play the videos I have stored on my external HD. I am interested in upgrading to Leia when that is stable, but how do I go about installing it “clean” as they say, so I get rid of all the repos and nonsense I have installed over the years but keep my video library intact (as that took me AGES to get Kodi to recognize correctly)?

    No the Samsung upstairs is an older model h2200. Downstairs is a new q7f model.

    Update. I have managed to fix it. Basically I had to cancel the process my TV goes through to identify my rpi3 as a hdmi connected device (using the universal remote process) and then the remote magically works. That's several hours of my life I will never get back.

    Thank you for your help chewit.

    I have a rpi3 with libreelec 8.2.1 connected to my Samsung TV. Connected via hdmi I can no longer control it with my remote control. I have the CEC controller installed and it has worked for months. I can control libreelec with the Kore app on my phone.

    I have also tested my pi3 on my Samsung TV in my bedroom and the remote works just fine up there. I am at a loss as to why it doesn't work on my TV downstairs?

    I am running LE on my rpi3 and I like to watch videos stored on my external hd. I like watching episodes but find it annoying when, upon pressing the stop button whilst watching the episode the screen goes back to my episode list but the highlighted cursor goes back to the top of the episode listing, instead of letting me know what episode I was just watching.

    I hope that makes sense, but how do I change Kodi behaviour so that after I click stop I get sent back to the list of videos and I don't have to guess which video is was just watching?

    If they work in RA but not in ES try to unzip the roms...for some reason some zipped roms don't work in ES or try to setup AEL...I never used ES again since setting up AEL...but never uninstalled it...ES is pointing to same assets as AEL so you don't have to keep 2 copies of artwork,it's easier to have roms within Kodi UI..

    thanks Mario77, I used to have AEL working (with the standalone addon) but its all broken now I have the repo installed. I will just use retroarch on its own for now.

    I have installed this on my RPI3 after having used your standalone addon which I was very happy with.

    Now I use Emulation Station but for some games (Lion King on the SNES for example) the screen just turns black and goes back to the ES screen. I can only get it working by going via Retroarch and loading it through that. Strangely ES works fine for (most ) other games.