Return to last viewed episode on stopping video

  • I am running LE on my rpi3 and I like to watch videos stored on my external hd. I like watching episodes but find it annoying when, upon pressing the stop button whilst watching the episode the screen goes back to my episode list but the highlighted cursor goes back to the top of the episode listing, instead of letting me know what episode I was just watching.

    I hope that makes sense, but how do I change Kodi behaviour so that after I click stop I get sent back to the list of videos and I don't have to guess which video is was just watching?

  • First, that is not very usual, and secondly it would be more a Kodi problem than a LibreELEC problem.

    Which skin is active when this is happening? You could enable the "Go to first unwatched video" option, perhaps that solves part of the problem. Or maybe certain addons are disrupting something in the background.