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    hello Klojum

    if there is no support for a very slow connection with vpn hydemyass from vstream. There is the same problem with the YOUTUBE add-on.

    I tried to control the raspberrypi 4b network under libreelec with putty.

    here is the video : MEGA

    ps: sorry for the rules but unfortunately nothing is translated into french on this forum. I work with googletrad.

    Hello Zomboided.

    I have a problem with vstream addon and connection vpn (hydemyass)

    (when vstream does a search with the vpn activated. the search time becomes very long and the results are limited.)

    I contacted the addon developer and they tell me that the problem comes from the dns configuration of the VPN.

    Is there a way to view it via putty and change the configuration?

    On the other hand I am new to the Linux commands sorry.

    Hi Zomboided

    When do you get the update 5.0.8 of your addon?

    I found an extra bug in addition to the slower connection with the vpn Hyde my ass. When your addon is activated the keyboard goes from azerty to qwerty and we can not do anything in the settings (in system the librelec icon does not work too)

    Courage for your efforts.

    kodi 17.6 openvpn 5.0.7 on librelec raspberry pi3