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  • Hi,

    I use a mx3 remote which works great. But there is 1 small problem. My 4 year old son sometimes accidently hit the red power button and than the box immidiately powers off. Is it possible do disable the red power button so when you press it nothing happens?

  • Is it possible do disable the red power button so when you press it nothing happens?

    Just add # in front of power button line


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  • I have edited remote.conf in the config folder.

    So maybe there is another remote.conf stored in a flash folder?

  • I only use one remote.conf but I don´t know if there a more than one remote.conf on Your system :/


    /flash folder is read only - You have to remount /flash with read/write option to modify

  • Thanks. i hoped there was an easier method (something with the keymap editor addon) to disable the power button

  • Here's my 'remote.conf' from 'H96 Pro Plus' (Amlogic S912 with 3GB/16GB):

    Mouse and powerbutton inactive (reactivation by deleting '#' at the beginning of the corresponding line). Some other minor adjustments to fulfil my needs in LibreELEC and kodi.

  • I have a H96 Pro Plus (or H96 Pro +) with the following remote:


    And also the following remote:


    The attached remote.conf works for me for both remotes.

  • my problem it tv remote config code edenwood ED4900UHD

    távirányító ir kód kellene ami a ki-be kapcsolást csinálja. Azt szeretném az x96 s905x config ba beleírtni,hogy a tv távirányítóval tudjam egyszerre ki-be kapcsolni a tv és boxot egyszerre.

    remote control ir a code would be needed that the ki-be connection do it. I would like it it x96 s905x config ba beleírtni,that the TV let me know it to one with remote control ki-be to get it the TV and boxot simultaneously.

  • If I understand you correctly, you want the ir codes for your tv remote, so that it can operate your x95 tv box.

    I don't know if it's possible.

    the best thing might be to buy a logitech harmony, 350 or 650 then you can set it up for both devices.

    if you read create a remote from scratch, if you ssh into libreelec & press a x96 button, you can see the codes & change them. But I don't know if you can do this with the tv remote

    on the 4th post of this thread a x96 file has been uploaded, try it

    Samsung RU7400 Onkyo HTX22HDX Nvidia Shield HD Homerun Duo (Living Room)

    Samsung UE40ES5500 X96 Max+, Fire TV 4K Stick (Bedroom)

    Synology DS920+ Plex Pass


  • Minden műkködik a tv távirányítóval egyedül a ki-be kapcsolás nem. Tehát a tv távirányítóval kezelem a boxot. Csak a kikapcsolás és a bekapcsolás nem működik egyedül a tv-t kapcsolja ki. Azért szeretném a remote config file-ba beírni a távirányító kódját csak nem tudom hova kell bemásolni a file

    All műkködik the TV with remote control alone the ki-be connection no. So the TV I treat it for remote control the boxot. The switching off and the starting do not work alone only the TV turn it off. I would like it because of that the remote config I cannot write the code of the remote control in file only where it is necessary to copy it the file

    My tv remote code:

    KEY_POWER 0x174D # Was: on_off