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    It will be a great addition for the new distribution if it will have a browser, and will be another great difference between LiberELEC to OpenELEC.

    Thanx in advance

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    The Chromium browser created by lrusak will be migrated to our addon repo soon (another item on a long to-do list) but although this installed as a Kodi add-on the app runs in the OS outside of Kodi (not in the GUI).

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    True, there is already one, but it's not processed to work with LE yet.
    Not sure what need's fixing but it does not currently work.

    For those who want to fiddle it can be found under the unofficial add-on repo, which can be installed from the official repo.

    When it's fixed and working it will be moved to the official repo.

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    Not sure what need's fixing but it does not currently work.

    I can't seem to send any commands to it via Kore or Yatse at all.

    Edit. I just realised why after reading Chewitts comment again.

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  • There is already a browser for Generic builds.

    I know but I'm using Raspberry Pi 2. When I got a x86_64 machine and I used this chromium browser that supports only x86_64 when the rpi is getting popular and it is still increase. Moreover, it is not optimized to TV. it is not a must but it can be nice anyway.

    Also, I know that the developer of chromium browser for openelec, didn't just port chromium for openelec, but he also ported ppsspp emulator for openelec, also only for x86_64. It is based on 0.9.5 if I recall correctly, and it is an old version of ppsspp, like 3 years old.

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  • anyone know if silverlight can be added ?

    Don't hold your breath for Silverlight, which doesn't have much of a future on any platform - not even Windows.

    Why do you want Silverlight anyway - for Sky Go?

    Thanks to the architectural improvements in Kodi 17, work is progressing towards a native Sky Go solution that doesn't require a browser. Netflix too should be possible. Amazon Prime is already working with Kodi 17 and OE/LE test builds.

    As more progress is made you'll see it first in LE test builds.

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