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    I can schedule recording to a specific time or specific show based on tv guide or something?

    uteJust curious why no Rpi ? it was the same for OE as well

    Chromium requires Xorg so it's only available on Generic.

    I saw that the vc4 gpu drivers that are now in kernel 4.5, has x server.
    When openelec/libreelec will upgrade the kernel to 4.5, it will be possible?


    An addon that can record live tv universaly, because not all the live tv addons are supported in recording, such as iptv simple client
    I recommend using OBS as a base for the addon

    Thanx in advance


    I found that the same developer that made chromium for openelec, developed also ppsspp for openelec,
    you can have it here
    for those who know, ppsspp is a psp emulator written in c++, and known as the fastest this days.

    My request is this:
    This addon supports only x86_64 as well as chromium, and is based on ppsspp v0.9.0 which is 3 years old more or less, and now there is 1.2.2 already.
    If someone can port it to run on rpi, and update it to 1.2.2

    Thanx in advance

    There is already a browser for Generic builds.

    I know but I'm using Raspberry Pi 2. When I got a x86_64 machine and I used this chromium browser that supports only x86_64 when the rpi is getting popular and it is still increase. Moreover, it is not optimized to TV. it is not a must but it can be nice anyway.

    Also, I know that the developer of chromium browser for openelec, didn't just port chromium for openelec, but he also ported ppsspp emulator for openelec, also only for x86_64. It is based on 0.9.5 if I recall correctly, and it is an old version of ppsspp, like 3 years old.


    It will be a great addition for the new distribution if it will have a browser, and will be another great difference between LiberELEC to OpenELEC.

    Thanx in advance