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    Is the new forum really that bad on its own on a mobile phone?

    I've never used Tapatalk, so I don't really know what I'm missing, but I'm browsing on my Galaxy S5 right now (chrome browser) and find the forums just as easy to navigate as any others I've come across.

    yes this isn't intended (from the board makers) because "nobody" needs to direct jump to some random page between start and end (tbh I have no explanation to do this at a regular basis)

    I can't tell if you meant is intended or isn't intended.

    I find the page links useful for:

    • Seeing thread activity
    • Quick access to first / last pages of threads (particularly where 1st post gets build updates, but recent posts contain up to date info)

    I guess the new shortcuts will provide the similar level of access (though imo it's a little unintuitive), but lacking the ability to jump straight to the first post to see if there's new info provided (a lot of community builders edit the first post with new version info) without first going to the last not seen post in a thread is a waste of time & bandwidth.

    Thanks for the info (and the Imgur update) about image posting, that's a nice upgrade!

    not too sure what are you see or maybe I misunderstand your problem

    There used to be list of page links in the list of threads, allowing us to go directly to the last page of a thread (& indicating how many pages a thread has).

    EG. Kodi Forums:


    LE Forums: (The red box is where I'd imagine the pages list should be)

    As you can see I've got the "/?action=firstNew" in the url link and there's still no link to the last post, or anything indicating the # of pages a thread has.

    Edit. Really struggling with adding images / adding text that's not hyperlinked after an image too, but that's probably just user error.

    I notice that you can no longer see how many pages are in a particular thread, as the page #'s & their respective links are now gone.

    Is this by design? Personally I prefer to see how many pages there are in a thread without having to open up the thread.

    Hi, for those with ethernet issues, I managed to fix it by enabling the option "wait for the network before Kodi starts".

    I've got this setting enabled too with a 30 second timer, it hasn't fixed the ethernet for me.

    For anyone savvy who may be interested, here's a log file.


    This Nuc6Cay seems to be the wrong device for LE, or is it possible to tackle this for the development team?

    It's brand new, it works well enough for now (especially if you use fritsch's 10bit hevc build) and by the time Leia is out it should work perfectly.

    Kabylake shouldn't need a pulse 8 cec adapter, check your bios settings to make sure the native cec is enabled and stop using the pulse 8 adapter.

    alternately, make sure the native cec is disabled if you do intend to use the pulse 8 adapter.

    Hi all,

    I just installed libreElec on this hardware (NUC6CAYS), all is good but no wired ethernet is seen. I have to use wifi.
    Is there anyone with this problem? Seems very strange to me that no one is mentioning this issue, so hopefully I am making something wrong.

    Thanks for your support.

    I just noticed that I have this issue too.

    No wired connection is appearing in the LE addon.

    Disabling the wireless nic in the bios > Disabling the Wireless option in the LE addon & rebooting does not bring up any options in LE allowing me to see or enable my Wired nic.

    I'll submit a bug report later, the wife and kids are watching tv through the wireless (without knowing there's any issues) at the moment.

    Hi guys , I've a 4K oled tv which I was going to run hdmi directly too and optical from the nuc to my non 4K amp. What are the sound issues guys or should I hold off buying it ?

    Last I checked there are issues with 7.1 passthrough (less channels works fine). I'm not aware of any other issues, and the 7.1 has recently been fixed for windows, so is likely just a matter of time before that fix makes it's way to linux / libreelec too.

    Have you disabled sliding animations on your chromebox?

    They were enabled by default on my Nuc6cayh, I noticed they weren't as smooth as I'd like so I've disabled them and my menu navigation is smooth & fluid now.

    I just bought a Nuc6cayh, 8GB of ram & an SSD.

    Installed LE 8.0 this afternoon, this evening wife and I have just finished watching a 1080p 60hz movie encoded in 10bit x265 with 5.1 surround sound.

    She has no idea that I've upgraded the media pc, everything worked flawlessly.