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    reinstalled but cant scan any ideas, if i mind right it may have been a edit that was required to get working , i had a txt file with teh comands/ what tp do buty had HDD FAILERZ so lost all data and my how to guides to get working :(

    reinstalled but cant scan any ideas

    Got it done.

    • stop recordings and tv
    • disable tvheadend 4.0 addon
    • install tvheadend 4.2 addon
    • cp -R .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.tvheadend .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42
    • Enable tvheadend 4.2
    • correct cache path in tvheadend webgui

    where is 6 done what page is this on the GUI ?
    any chance of screenshop as my reading is sub par in this would help me expanesialily :)

    i have aquired a locked up of the above (blank screen)
    Amlogic S805 Quad Core 1.5GHz (Cortex-A5),GPU: Quad core ARM Mali-450,1GB RAM + 8GB ROM

    what would web the best image to use on this android stb do i need to have droid on nand or can ii install to nand without for example , can a micro sd card be used without droid in nand ?

    any advice greatly tooken :)

    many thanx in advance :)

    What would be best for a compro s350 ?

    have it seen in official 7.0.3 generic but cant scan npthing either in TVH or VDR was working ok on openelec 6.0.3
    of your old cvh media build for amd systems if i mind right :)

    anyone point me in right direction to get this card to scan and be properly :)

    thanx in advance H

    wow , just seen these slice online nice port , quick question see the LED round the slice could boblight be utilized to control those LED'S
    and are slice wall mountable ? or bracket avail to be able mount & disconnect from mount when goin to travel ?

    No, LE is not Debian. It's an appliance like distribution built into a single squashfs file that's mounted read-only. It's designed to contain the bare essentials needed to run Kodi. You can only write to the /storage partition. There is the possibility of installing addons, but the availability of quality addons for the software you need may vary.

    can you not run things in a shell and achieve what he is looking for ?

    if its not libreelec i seen a post about it it might have been weteks site

    Ok, thanks.

    look into running stuff in a shell

    Ollla all ,

    just wondering if anyone has te same issue as myself that
    the app E22TVH does not seem to be sticking on TVH 4.2 libreelec

    its working ok on TVH 4.0 on libreelec andoff-course i know its a openelec app
    but just wonderd if anyone has found a solution or another means to convert a E2 list
    and save it on wetek libreelec