RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)

  • You'll have to look at the makefile to see if it can be linked in, it probably can in some way as it's supported by ScummVM. Do you really need compression these days though, how big are the audio files and how much free space is on your hard drive? :P

  • Bobblebitz

    I'll probably remove the compiled in versions at some point.

    New build 20170309:

    - Updated to latest Krypton
    - Updated packages: dolphin, mesa, retroarch, retroarch-joypad-autoconfig, util-linux, glib, bluez, pcre
  • Ti-Paul

    If speaker-test is working, then you've got it right. Disable "keep audio device alive" in Kodi audio settings and you should be fine.

    Thanks.. Disabled it and Chrome +Emulators sound are now fine.

    Next step is the controllers.. Got PS3 working through usb but since my console is just beside, it powers it up... I would prefer using an old Logitech with usb cable (for PC but looks like ps3) but will have to do some readings prior..

  • Escalade, is there any way for you to compile the Moonlight Chrome Extension into the build? It won't install by conventional methods, so I figure there are dependencies that I'm unaware of. I've been trying to figure out a way to cram Moonlight into Libreelec HTPC for months via various of alternate builds and other products, but I keep coming back to the Extended Build. The Kodi Moonlight Addon has been broken for a while and I understand it is not your focus, but thanks for any consideration you give it. Is there a Patreon for this project?

  • Probably, but I don't see a need for that as there's an addon and I don't think it's much used. I don't have an RPi or a gaming rig either. If the addon is broken, then the maintainers should be notified. It builds fine though, I've uploaded it to my gdrive try it out.

  • I've been battling getting a working version of LibreElec with Kodi and IARL installed on an x86 box. Currently I'm running LibreElec 7.9x (non-Extended) on an oldish Dell box. I am using Spinz skin on that and Kodi 17. Everything on the Kodi side is working well. I've tried installing RetroArch with little luck. I've also tried installing GameStarter with no luck. What happens is that when you select the game in IARL it starts Gamestarter or RetroArch and then bumps me back to my home screen in Kodi. I contacted Zach and he said to set each emulator to external and then set each emulator individually. I tried that also and it did not work. I'm assuming it's because I'm not running the Extended version of LibreElec.

    I am interested in installing the Generic x86 version of the Extended version of LE8 onto my x86 box and try that...

    What's the easiest way to "upgrade" to the extended version?

    I tried running the make file with the following command "PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 make image" an got an error... file not found...

    Any advice is greatly appreciate!



  • This build uses a slightly larger system partition than that of the official build (to store the cores and system files). So updating can be a pain, unless you're willing to extend your existing system using a partition manger. Booting into a linux live and running gparted for example. So my advise is, it's best to start a clean install using the extended build. IRAL and everything work perfect. Backup your old userdata and kodi files if required and just restore them to the newly installed build.

  • Can someone tell me why Chrome and Spotfy are not appearing in the main menu please ? I do have Emulators in the main menu and that one works fine.
    I tried both LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0-devel-20170228 and LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0-devel-20170309 on Raspberry Pi 3.