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    Tried many suggestion, going into terminal and modifying chrome start script.

    Finally got the audio with Chrome by going back with all default and simply go into the Chrome Add-On Configuration page :

    1) Enabled "Use Custom Audio Device"

    2) -Audio Device : plughw:0,3

    Card0 and device 3 was my hdmi output from my NUC7CPYH...

    And no need to disable the "Keep audio alive" in Kodi Audio settings..

    Hoping that this config is kept when Chrome gets updated... ?

    Tried 8.95.3 (9 beta 3) still same issue : No sound when using HDMI output.

    HOWEVER, i have the exact same Intel NUC5CPYH PC in another room using analog output and it is working fine right out of the box.

    Tried 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 with and without passthrough still no go with HDMI.

    Note that this audio setup is working fine with latest stable release and Chromium ??...

    Everything was so great... Chrome got updated and now works... posting from it right now.

    Alas, i stumble upon a movie file that won't start (search for avengers in the log file) : My debug log

    The "work in progress" circle appear in the middle of the screen and keeps spinning... nothing else.

    But all other files seems fine...!

    I also have another system with stable LibreElec version and this one opens this file without problem!

    Next is the Chrome addon "no sound" problem...

    Youtube works very well except for the sound... :(

    Just updated from :


    to 20170820.img (because couldn't updated directly to latest)

    and finally updated to latest 20170924.img

    My Harmony remote is now unusable. Each button gets double clicked.

    Reverted back to 20170820.img... remote is now ok.

    There is something different in newer build ?


    If speaker-test is working, then you've got it right. Disable "keep audio device alive" in Kodi audio settings and you should be fine.

    Thanks.. Disabled it and Chrome +Emulators sound are now fine.

    Next step is the controllers.. Got PS3 working through usb but since my console is just beside, it powers it up... I would prefer using an old Logitech with usb cable (for PC but looks like ps3) but will have to do some readings prior..

    Yes it should be under /mame. When you look at your libreelec box over your network you should see a whole bunch of subdirectories under the folder named roms. Mame files will remain zipped while most other types of roms should be extracted. A fair amount of retroarch cores don't deal well with zip files.

    Wow... Works great on my NUC5CPYH (N3050 Celeron Intel NUC) except for two things:

    1) No sound in emulators (N64 and MAME).
    Saw that my HDMI connection (from aplay -L) is :
    HDA Intel PCH, HDMI 0
    HDMI Audio Output

    Added it to /storage/.config/asound.conf :

    pcm.!default {
        type plug
        slave.pcm {
            @func getenv
            vars [ ALSAPCM ]
            # Device name can be found using the command 'aplay -L'
            default "hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0"

    When testing with speaker-test i get noise which is fine...

    2) No sound in Google Chrome either (only video from youtube) ?

    You have to put game roms in the rom folders. When you do those systems will show up.

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    Already put many arcade roms (used with MAME on Windows many years ago) under /storage/roms.
    The files are ".ZIP", do i need to unzip ?
    Is there a specific filename format ?
    Under roms directory, do i need to have subdir like /storage/roms/mame/ ?
    If such subdir isn't required, will the emulationstation check recursively under directories found under roms ?


    Just upgraded my LE 8.0 to this extended build.

    As of now, i'm delighted with Chromium playing videos without tearing... :D

    Chromium menu entry does not launch the application ?
    I can however start it from my favorites..

    Game emulator start but says no game system installed. Only Quit option is available..

    I tough emulators where included with this system image ?

    I will have to dig deeper... didn't have more time at that moment. :P


    I've had similar results with NUC5CPYH and my Sony STR-DG720 receiver :
    Had sound with "Default (IntelHDMI IntelHDMI)" but no passthrough and stuck with stereo sound.
    When setting to "SNY SONY AVAMP on HDMI" no more sound.

    Found that after selecting "SNY SONY AVAMP on HDMI" in the default and passthrough config, i had to reboot my NUC in order to get the sound working!

    I was about to post my debug log after activating this debug log and rebooting... when i found final working sound on my 7.1 receiver. Yes!