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    New build 20170327:

    - linux 4.10.6
    - re-enabled lirc_serial driver
    - samba reverted to 3.6.25 (let me know if this fixes the issues)
    - removed transmission
    - libretro cores now use correct git version (apparently netplay uses this to decide if clients are compatible)
    - updated packages: beetle-saturn-libretro, btrfs-progs-system, xfsprogs, scummvm-libretro

    Samba back working fine thanks dude!

    Hey there, I seem to be having issues still with samba. I can't connect to any Windows or Apple shares.
    Here's a snippet of the kodi log. Using the generic x86 build.

    [code=php]14:38:48.928 T:140334055172224 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting nfs://
    14:38:48.928 T:140334055172224 ERROR: CGUIDialogFileBrowser::GetDirectory(nfs://) failed
    14:39:07.198 T:140331513263872 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://ARNIE-PC/' unix_err:'d' error : 'Permission denied'
    14:39:30.558 T:140331513263872 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://[email protected] unix_err:'d' error : 'Permission denied'
    14:41:37.074 T:140334055172224 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting smb://ARNIE-PC/
    14:41:37.074 T:140334055172224 ERROR: CGUIDialogFileBrowser::GetDirectory(smb://ARNIE-PC/) failed[/php]

    I can't find the samba log, but this has only happend since the recent update. Any ideas how I might fix this would be great fully appreciated.

    Hi escalade.
    Thank you for the lots of work and effort you put into this project. I installed today and replaced my vanilla libreelec image with yours. Installation went well and i already began to rebuild my libraries and so on. But I ran into 2 issues:
    1. When I try to access my Music Collection via SMB KODI hangs. It's a rather large Collection with lots of Folders, but that wasn't a problem with the official build. Other Folders on my NAS don't cause any Problems.

    I think there might be an issue with windows smb in the latest build. Kodi calls for a usr/pass even when its disabled. This seems to only effect windows smb as other shares work such as nfs. Doesn't happen in the release before the samba upgrade. Just in the latest build. Sorry I don't have logs atm system is in constant use :(
    If more people are experiencing the issue I will update again and get logs when I can have some down time.

    This build uses a slightly larger system partition than that of the official build (to store the cores and system files). So updating can be a pain, unless you're willing to extend your existing system using a partition manger. Booting into a linux live and running gparted for example. So my advise is, it's best to start a clean install using the extended build. IRAL and everything work perfect. Backup your old userdata and kodi files if required and just restore them to the newly installed build.

    Had issues with the latest samba / my config. But as you had already advised I used the smb.conf and created a new samba.conf in .config with my own links. Thanks for keeping this the best build ever.
    On a side not any ideas why dolphin loads up the gui when loading an image? If i alt tab I get the game. Is it a dolphin setting?

    No logs no error.

    Will try and get a log at some point. The Mrs will kill me if kill the tv again ;) where would I locate the kernel log just in case it's not a kodi issue.

    Guys, when i try to change language in retroarch nothing occurend. How i can change language in retroarch. and the second question how (or where) i can set a gamepad button combination to easy exit from retroarch?

    Look for hot keys in retroarch input. Set a button to act as the hokey and then set a button to exit.

    I have the same issue after upgrading from 20170102. Had to downgrade back to solve the boot loop.

    New build 20160930 for generic uploading:

    - Added TigerVNC (systemctl start tigervnc ; systemctl enable tigervnc) - VNC password is "libre"
    - Added Vulkan demos

    Vnc working great :) What are vulkan demos and how do run them?
    Vice seems to work now, think the problem was my end.
    Awesome stuff as usual mate. How did you get on with ps2 after? I remember you mentioning you were trying to get it in the build before you'r holiday.

    Hello Lefty

    thank you for your help! I done this like you said. It works with the emulationstation but with retroarch didnt work. I found the relevant sh. in usr/bin of retroarch and added it like with emulationstation. But when i want to open the retroarch, nothing happens! It will go back to the main menü only:-(
    Can you help me with that please?
    Sorry for my bad english:-(

    Try replacing the contents of the launchers.xml "/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.program.advanced.launcher" with the contents from this Or edit yours accordingly. Works fine my end.