LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0.1

  • CECActivateSource stopped working for me after the update. But CECStandby was still working. Tried restarting my Rpi4 and cutting the power to the TV without luck. Reverted back to 10.0.0, and the functionality immediately came back.

  • Hello,

    may I ask if this new version (10.0.1) will be distributed via NOOBS image?

    I'd like to make a fresh install on my partitioned sdcard, avoiding updating existing 10.0.0...


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  • noobs for RPi4 is currently shipping 10.0.0 and we should update that to 10.0.1, but as we have not formally released LE10 for RPi2 yet (and RPi0 is deprecated) both of those currently point to LE 9.2.8 noobs .tar files.

  • Last I heard it was generally working well on RPi3 boards (1GB RAM) and we were thinking to release LE 10.0.2 with support. I'm less sure of the state that RPi2 is in .. lots of those boards have less RAM which will be more of an issue.

  • All models of RPi2 are 1GB, so I think they will be fine.

    Only the Pi0, Pi1 and Pi0 2 have less ram, and so aren't recommended for kodi.