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    You said you fixed it with "vc4.inval_delay=0 vc4.cec_debug=0x100".

    Have you fixed it with "vc4.inval_delay=<some number> vc4.cec_debug=0"

    If not, there's no point adding a gui option to adjust the delay for you.

    Ah, apologies, I naively assumed vc4.cec_debug adds some verbose logs to help debug problems or something like that. Did not realize it can actually affect anything.

    The results when adding to the end of the "/flash/cmdline.txt" file:

    vc4.inval_delay=0 vc4.cec_debug=0

    TV does not switch on.

    vc4.inval_delay=3000 vc4.cec_debug=0

    TV switches on as long as I send CECActivateSource within 3 seconds. Does not switch on if I wait longer (e.g. 5-7seconds).


    TV switches on as long as I send CECActivateSource within 5 seconds. Does not switch on if I wait longer (e.g. 10seconds).


    TV always switches on when I send CECActivateSource.

    Then my question is, what does vc4.cec_debug=0x100 do and why does it fix my case? Is it something that can be added in the options instead of delay? Or is there a way to fix whatever that is affecting me? I'm happy to try anything else if it helps.

    I've tried the dev build and added "vc4.inval_delay=0 vc4.cec_debug=0x100" in cmdline.txt file (as per link below) which has resolved the issue for me. From what I understand the delay was set to prevent the TV from inadvertently turning back on after shutting down. With the standard delay of 1000ms (1sec) you would expect to be able to turn the TV back on almost immediately. In my case, however, waiting for 5 seconds or 2 minutes did not help and the TV was not waking up at all via CECActivateSource.

    Would it be possible to add the option within the GUI to adjust this delay?


    My specs:

    JVC LT-55C550 TV

    Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK Soundbar

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

    LibreELEC 10.0.1 & 10.0.2

    Never had this issue in LE 9.* or 10.0.0. Also, downgrading to LE 10.0.0 from 10.0.1/10.0.2 immediately resolves the problem.

    The soundbar and the raspberry have no direct connection with each other. Instead, they are connected with their own respective HDMI cables to ports 1 and 3 on the TV.

    After switching the TV off with "CECStandby" command, issuing "CECActivateSource" has no effect. I normally use a Flirc remote to issue the commands via script, i.e:

    import xbmc

    However, I also tried sending the command via ssh kodi-send -a "CECActivateSource" which again yields no results (but does work on earlier LE versions).

    Disconnecting the soundbar, restarting the raspberry, and then reconnecting the soundbar resolves the issue temporarily. But, if the raspberry is shutdown/restarted again with soundbar connected, the issue returns.

    I've searched the forum, but most issues I found relate to CEC not working at all, not just the one command. The few things suggested from those topics that I tried:

    - Put `hdmi_force_hotplug=1` in config.txt

    - Buy a new microhdmi cable and make sure it's connected in the raspberry port closest to the power port

    - Cut off power to TV for 20min

    - Tried "CECToggleState" instead of "CECActivateSource", but that command never worked consistently even in the older versions, and it's no better in the new ones

    CECActivateSource stopped working for me after the update. But CECStandby was still working. Tried restarting my Rpi4 and cutting the power to the TV without luck. Reverted back to 10.0.0, and the functionality immediately came back.