LE10 & deinterlacing in RPi4

  • (I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this, but i was looking for a specific LibreELEC 10 thread without success)8

    I started testing LibreELEC 10 some days ago.

    it is running on a Raspberry PI4.

    Looking at kodi 19 menus, there is no deinterlace option available in LibreELEC 10.

    Is this temporary ?

    Or some way of enabling it in the advancedsettings.xml ?


  • ah ... ok. So, it is just a question of waiting ;)

    disable drm prime and you will be able to use deinterlacing (but you won't have any hw accelerated decoding)

  • Deinterlacing is not implemented (yet) for DRM PRIME.


    Is this something being worked on that will show up soon, or does it still need tons of work and time?

    In other words, how should we set our expectations?


  • It's not trivial and there are other things with a higher priority right now.

    And Alternatively won’t it be possible to keep omx/mmal decoding in LE10 as an option to the user ?

    This could led to the ability to choose between DRM_Prime and omx/mmal in the settings and so to have deinterlace available (the quality is really worst in tv viewing without deinterlace when compared to 9.2.6).

  • To clarify "not possible" .. the OMX and MMAL decoders no longer exist in Kodi, hence you cannot use them :)

    See drop omxplayer by Rechi · Pull Request #16080 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub and RPi: remove platform by lrusak · Pull Request #16321 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    Developing GBM/V4L2 without gutting the old methods first would be a) more complicated, b) take several years longer because experience shows quite clearly that developers never invest the huge time/effort required to implement new methods when the old ones are still around.

  • It's not trivial and there are other things with a higher priority right now.

    Hi , Just tested 9.95.2 and found out that de-interlacing is not available yet. (Clearly "alpha" fits the description :) )

    I just want to make sure you know de-interlacing is Top priority for PVR usage (and even playing old DVDs).

    Not only without de-interlacing the playback is jaggy we are viewing it half fps which make a lot of content unwatchable.

    While saying that keep up the great work and hoping to se de-interlacing support gets bumped up (I can help with testing if needed).

  • The need for delinterlacing is well understood and it's on the list, but not at the top of the list. Other plumbing needs to be solid (and changes to the V4L2 specs agreed in principle) before we embark on that corner of the jigsaw puzzle.

  • I want to add my voice to how important fixing this limitation is. Right now, on a Pi 4, depending on whether DRM PRIME is enabled or not, you can choose to be able to play interlaced video (which includes most live TV), or 4K video (which cannot be decoded in software on a Pi 4 in real time).

    This is a huge regression from LibreELEC 9, which can do either without having to change a system setting in-between.

  • It was never claimed that LE10 will have feature parity with LE9 due to a move to a new approach.

  • Nor has it ever been stated that we will not have deinterlacing or that deinterlace is not important. There is just a finite amount of developer time, and that time is currently busy with figuring out 10-bit/12-bit plumbing and how to deal with some of the more base functional issues that we're seeing now that RPi4 (on V4L2) user numbers have ramped up.

  • I'm not trying to put any pressure or show a lack of understanding about the current priorities, so please don't shout at me too loudly! I'm just asking to update my expectations...

    (it is, after all, only my 4yo daughter who's watching interlaced material, and she hasn't complained to me yet! I do cringe every time I look at the screen, but all gets better once I switch my attention elsewhere...)

    Is there any progress on the RPi4/V4L2 deinterlacing front, has it moved up in any significant way in the to-do list, or are there still so many other more basic/important things to sort out first?