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    I tried the python way , saw examples that uses keyboard library so i downloaded it to the the libreelec box and tried to run a simple code :

    The result :

    dumpkeys is missing on libreelec i guess, from quick googling did not find way to add it , any help would be appreciated.

    Other option is to make irexec with same as above config to work for a global keyboard event and not just for IR remotes.


    Part 3 (Replicate the problem) is the hard part since its not easy to reproduce and sometimes it happens like only 2-3 times a month.

    Normally its related to EPG viewer actions (I have 250+ channels with EPG setup) , which also get "released" by itself after 30-40 seconds.

    Sometimes its just a bad internet stream source which result in a 30-60 seconds timeout wait.

    So i doubt i a can easily reproduce the issue.

    Anyhow, In both cases i just got used to press my "Restart Kodi" special remote button which kills kodi and brings back everything after 5 seconds. :)


    Being using IR remote with libreelec for ages, trying to "move" to a Bluetooth universal remote.

    While using the IR remote i used irexec as daemon with a simple config file to map the "red" key to execute a forced kill of Kodi :

    prog = irexec
    button = key_red
    config = killall -9 kodi.bin

    This allows me to restart Kodi by a single click of remote button for those rare cases Kodi just hung.

    Now , my new Bluetooth remote does not use IR and thus i looking for other solution.

    Tried the option to use Kodi internal keymap and calling a python script :


    This does actually works fine , But on hard cases when Kodi just hung it is not working (which makes sense since Kodi stops responding).

    So i am looking for internal option in libreelec to map a keyboard key to execute a shell command.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.


    I recently got a sofabaton u1 universal remote, it works kinda o.k with IR mode with my libreelec 10.0.4 and a MCE IR receiver.

    It also supports Bluetooth , so i paired it with the RPI 4 Bluetooth and partially working.

    Navigation , volume and few more buttons works great, but as mentioned here OK button does not work.

    I followed the instruction here and added the following lines to the hwdb files :



    And it still did not work.

    I think that the remote does not send c0041 , evtest shows nothing when i press OK (it shows for other working buttons like navigation or volume).

    Does it mean the remote indeed sends nothing for those buttons ? or evtest shows only registered mapping and i need to use something else to show raw commands ? (like IRW for IR commands)

    Thanks in advance.


    When i wrote :

    Hi, If anyone cares/experience same problem, it seems LE version 10.0.3 solves this issue.

    I meant that the .TS recording is now o.k (works like on PC librelec/windows kodi) and seeking backward works.

    I stopped using matroska container since it caused more problems overall.

    Hi, If anyone cares/experience same problem, it seems LE version 10.0.3 solves this issue.

    De-interlacing not only "resolving" the jagged image visuals which happens when playing interlaced content without de-interlacing, it also increases the temporal resolution, resulting twice the fps (if the content was shot at 50fps , it should be really noticeable).

    You need to set your display to 50hz (not 25) in order to see the effect properly and have smooth playback.

    Also , if your display has some sort of motion interpolation feature , it should be turned off.

    With LE10.0.2 on my Pi4 compared to LE10.0.0, I've noticed that the H264 encoded *.TS files from my TVHeadend server, recorded in 1080p @ 50ps with interlacing, now play with distinct 'judder' or 'jerkiness', especially when the image has a slowly panning background.

    The same file played on my Pi3 with OSMC (Kodi19.4), shows the video with interlacing, but at least the image pans smoothly and the irritating jerky visual effect on the background is not present. Kodi on both Pis has been set with identical display and video settings.

    I think the de-interlacing using hardware decoding on the Pi4 still has some a way to go yet. In the meanwhile, I've disable de-interlacing by default for all videos, as I prefer the result.

    Hi, on my 2 setups with rpi4 on LE 10.0.2 playback of interlaced content is just fine (except the issue i posted on RE: LE 10.0.2 RPI4 recorded tv seeking issues).

    2 things i can think of that you can check :

    1.Play the same file on other device , maybe the problem is in the specific file (some broadcasts do broadcast "judder" on their content).

    2.Make sure your video refresh rate is indeed 50hz while playing back the file , I had an issue with refresh rate change on playback when i had a delay of 1 sec setup on kodi settings.


    I did more testing to find a workaround.

    I changed TVheadend recording profile from "pass" to "matroska".

    This indeed seems to resolve the issue (for new recording only - naturally) , although it introduced old streaming issues with some dvb2 streams. (

    So if anyone has similar problem with .ts files seeking , this might help him.

    Still , I think this issue should be looked at , since same file works just fine on kodi/windows (and of course LE 9.X with rpi 4) , so there is an "hidden" problem with ts parser on LE 10.X RPI4.


    I have a little problem with recorded TV videos files since upgrading to LE 10. (on my 2 RPI4 setups)

    Files are played just fine , and usually seeking forward works fine.

    When i seek backward (even 10 seconds) , playback is stopped and seek info bar shows 00:00 (the start of the file) and playback is not usable anymore.

    To eliminate causes , I took the .ts file (using TVH as pvr) out of the TVH box and put it on a "normal" share and local file system , exactly same issue.

    I tried to play the file on kodi 19.4 on windows box , it plays just fine and seeking works perfectly.

    I made a 30 seconds example .ts file , attached is a link to my shared google drive (less than 7mb file).…gIr78jtNW15HZdTDsiDa/view (just click download on the top bar)

    To reproduce the issue , just play it , seek 10 or 20 seconds forward , then try to seek back.

    Also here is a debug log while the issues happens :

    debug log

    Thanks in advance.