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    It's not trivial and there are other things with a higher priority right now.

    Hi , Just tested 9.95.2 and found out that de-interlacing is not available yet. (Clearly "alpha" fits the description :) )

    I just want to make sure you know de-interlacing is Top priority for PVR usage (and even playing old DVDs).

    Not only without de-interlacing the playback is jaggy we are viewing it half fps which make a lot of content unwatchable.

    While saying that keep up the great work and hoping to se de-interlacing support gets bumped up (I can help with testing if needed).

    I understand you mean by "force" that HDMI should output always even if no device is connected on boot.

    If so i guess your only chance is via BIOS settings (if you cant find any , try to update BIOS).

    Hi everyone ,

    It seems 9.2.1 really improves this issue.

    On 30 fps , 29.94 fps , 25 fps samples , playback seems perfect with subtitles.

    60 fps sample cant really be played on this version with or without subtitles , not sure why , it starts fine but then starts to stutter badly , other 60 fps videos i checked works fine.

    on 23.976/24 fps , playback seems better , but still on samples videos there is slight stutter (more like micro stutter) comparing to non subtitles playback , on "real videos" it seems o.k , still checking...

    No update since 9.2 and problem still persist of course.

    Its less noticeable when video "always" show subtitles (non stop dialog for example) or when there is almost no dialog.

    It appears a frame skip happens only when subtitles "turned on" , IE video has no subtitles and then a dialog starts then subtitles are shown (frame skip) if following subtitles overlap previous ones (or close to that) there is no frame skip , if subtitles removed from screen and then after 1-3 seconds are shown there is a frame skip.

    In the attached test files i generated subtitles files to make this clear and consistent and easy to reproduce.

    I hope this got resolved soon or at least noticed by some developer , since its quite a big issue .

    "Change refresh rate on playback start" is required when you want to match monitor refresh rate to the played file FPS.

    23.976 fps video is best played when monitor refresh rate is 23.976 hz.

    25.000 fps video is best played when monitor refresh rate is 25/50 hz and so on.

    Without this , smooth playback is not possible.

    New TV sets has motion interpolation feature , which adds frame in between , so 23.976 fps gets few frames generated to fit the refresh rate of the TV.

    This results in non "normal" video playback , motion looks like a video game rater than a real movie, this is the reason i mentioned to disable it so frame skip would be

    Just to make things clear, Indeed subtitles can used also for hearing-impaired , but its also massively being used for people which English is not their native tongue.

    I for instance mainly use english subtitles although the audio is in english rather than using my language subtitles because i don't get anything loose in translation and learn few words/phrases from time time :).

    But most non english speakers must have subtitles in order to be able to watch a something and understand it.

    You have to use the advancedsettings.xml algorithmdirtyregions workaround. Do you know what this is? If not I'll give more instructions.

    I am extremely sensitive to stuttering and this has fixed it for me.

    This is an old issue which has never been solved and probably never will be.

    Please share your workaround and i'll try it and see if solves my problem described on RPI4 on Libreelec 9.1.502 (also on 9.2) subtitles cause playback to skip frame or 2

    Hi all,

    Although its already being mentioned on other thread , i preferred creating new thread because i believe i have good examples to reproduce the problem easily.

    Playback is just fine when subtitles are off (talking about text one , simple srt file)

    But when subtitles are on , it seems there is frame skip(s) every time subtitle is shown (not while it displayed).

    I have some test judder videos which i created a dummy subtitles for them (they are audio-less so audio output problem is out of the equation)

    They are downloadable from (also uploaded 1 zip of single frame rate movie here)

    There is a file for each frame rate (23.976-59.940) , the srt files have the same content just different filename.

    When playing back the file you can notice :

    1.First time subtitles is show (text is "line 1") there is a frame skip (i think this problem also happened on previous libreelec/rpi)

    2.When "line 1" is removed , no problem.

    3.Now , when "line 2" is shown there is again a frame skip , but since "line 3" and "line 4" are shown with a 1 second wait , it seems there is no frame skip.

    4."line 5" comes after a longer break , so again a frame skip and so does "line 7".

    In my setup , the skips are most noticeable on the 59.940 file (highest frame rate) but can be noticed also on the lower ones (30.0 and 25.0 seems to be harder to spot).

    Please note that in order to check the files properly you need

    1.Enable change refresh rate on playback start (so 24fps file will be used under 24p resolution)

    2.Disable any motion interpolation/compensation on your TV/monitor if you have any enabled (Generally i don't recommend using it :))

    Hope this help in fixing this issue.

    Please let me know if anything else is needed.