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    You can adjust settings in config file /storage/.config/ts/ts.conf like variance and dejitter. Play with some values and maybe will work better.
    After editing this file you need to reboot.


    Any hint on what sort of values and directions I should go in there for the desired result?


    Can someone try this touchscreen calibration addon? It must be manually installed.

    Let me do that in the next hour, and report back.

    The plugin shows up and works! Woohoo! Thanks!

    A side note, probably unrelated, but even after multiple calibrations, precise using a small plastic bit, of fat fingered, I get a consistent offset between the pressure point and the cursor's position. The cursor is above-right by a few millimeters.



    Here what I am running at home:

    • Large-ish entral storage
    • MythTV backend with a few tuners
    • MySQL database for Kodi
    • a HT in the living room
    • a Hi-Fi in the living room
    • the bedroom has full access to the kodi environment and the music
    • Many, many speakers...
    • All linux
    • Replaced OE with LE
    • No wires or cables in view!
    • Relatively low electrical usage

    Tramendous experience thanks to the efforts of great people producing great software!

    (full resolution)



    After a success on OE with this tslib method a few months ago, I tried it with LE.

    On the current LE master.

    There is an evtest conflict with an addon that I am not building, so I removed that extra package, keeping the one in tslib.

    I get through all the terminal motions and config without a problem.

    But when it comes to using the Program Addon for calibration... No addon is visible anywhere in Kodi.

    The calibration addon files are present in /usr/share/kodi/addons

    There is nothing about the addon in the kodi logs.

    Could it be an issue of addon incompatibility with Kodi 17?

    I can provide any requested testing and data!